H.L. Mencken, my personal journalistic hero, said, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.” Exactly. Democracy has consequences and it’s about time Seattle, Portland, DC, Atlanta, New York City, San Francisco, and any other city that has been rhetorically supporting the likes of Antifa and Black Lives Matter is made to feel what their words really mean.

Why should U.S. taxpayers in Tulsa, Little Rock, my Annapolis, Delray Beach, and Fort Collins have to pay for the folly of the above-mentioned Bolshevik laboratories? Thus, the only fair option is to take the left wing bastions at their word and rid them of any association with the current federal government under Donald Trump. They think Trump is a fascist, a racist, a sexist? Well, as pure and perfect as those cities think they are, why would they want support from a regime run by a totalitarian monster like Trump?

The administration has already proposed cutting funds for so-called “sanctuary cities.” More like “sanctimonious cities.” Fine. Just take that a step farther. It’s possible these cities may be cutting police and security funding under the impression that the feds will step in and save the day if the situation gets out of hand as it recently did in Seattle and Portland. Take that option away from them. If they want to govern themselves, fine. They should live with the price of what and who they elect to office.

Some of the leaders in these left wing cities may be just waiting for a Biden victory in November. They know, as the Democrats are the enthusiasts and sponsors of the urban unrest, that much of it will go away after Trump leaves office. Two problems wrong with that thinking.

One, Trump could win and every day his campaign is picking up steam in the polls and in fundraising. Two, the Democrats at the city and national levels are trying to use Antifa and Black Lives Matter just as the German industrialists tried to use Hitler as a means to an end in 1933. But their patsy turned on them and those who put Hitler in power were on the wrong end of the power equation very soon afterwards.

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Will Antifa and Black Lives Matter turn on the Democrats, even if they win in November? The wide open split in the party between hard leftists and liberals is there for all to see. Will the hard left be satisfied with only the crumbs from President Biden’s table?

Either way, the riots, looting, and arson will likely continue. It’s the zeitgeist. Between 1964-1971 there were over 750 major riots in America. The way we’re going, that record will fall by next year. Why should the federal government throw good time, money, and personnel away fighting these riots when the very people who are affected most refuse to act in their own behalf?