The very thoughtful and caring House members had hit the road and headed home over the weekend, thinking they would be on recess for several weeks with no concern at all about not reaching an agreement with the White House on coronavirus relief. 

Apparently, the coronavirus “emergency” going on in America was not enough to keep them in town but what WAS important enough to bring them back is their army of Twitter trolls upset about the changes in the postal system and how they will affect November’s election.

With their mail-in ballot cheating plan exposed, Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer did their best to stir up their base for the past few days about the Postmaster General’s recent changes to the postal system and late on Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that she was calling the House to return to vote on Chairwoman Maloney’s “Delivering for America Act.” 

If the act is anything like the coronavirus “Heroes Act” they came up with, it will contain things like banning voter ID in all 50 states.

So what have we learned is important to democrats? Certainly not helping Americans through the coronavirus pandemic. What’s important is being able to cheat to win the election. And they’re certainly not going to allow Trump to best them at their own game.

How mean. Trump is just really really mean.

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Pelosi and Schumer issued a statement accusing the president and the republicans of waging an “all-out assault on the Postal Service and its role in ensuring the integrity of the 2020 election.” 

What’s funny is they never cared (and still don’t) about Obama trying to steal an election for Hillary Clinton and using his intelligence agencies in his coup against Trump. But it’s the end of the world that the Postmaster General isn’t allowing overtime and has made other changes right at a time when the dems are all ready to cheat-by-mail.

The democrats are also calling on the Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and Chairman of the USPS Board of Governors, Robert Duncan, to testify in a hearing on August 24th, the same day, of course, that the Republican National Convention is to begin. It’s all politics for the democrats.

So while the democrats whine and cry that they’d hit a roadblock with their cheating plan, they don’t seem to be too concerned with the millions of individuals and businesses who might need some federal help while their jobs have been lost and their businesses have been shut down.

President Trump is ready to help the America people but democrats are not. The democrats don’t seem to think that there are any coronavirus funding issues that need their immediate attention.

The president has tweeted that’s ready to send rental assistance payments that are being held up by democrats. He’s ready to send $105 billion to the states to open up schools safely but the democrats are holding that up too.

The democrats are unwilling to pass short and focused bills that would help the American people. They want a bill with thousands of pages and astronomical amounts of money for their liberal pet projects and unconstitutional demands but the president isn’t giving in to their extortion demands.