Rashida Tlaib, D-MI, beat her Democrat primary opponent, Detroit City Council member Brenda Jones, to win likely reelection to the heavily Democrat district. Many analysts thought Jones had a chance, as the district is heavily African-American and Tlaib is not. But she overcame that handicap, with the help of Nancy Pelosi, and should be unfortunately safe in that seat for decades to come.

The Squad added a member as Cori Bush, a hard left activist, beat ten term incumbent Rep. Bill Clay in a Missouri Democrat congressional primary. Bush will win the general in the Democrat seat and add an annoying 5th member to the Democrat Squad of hard left females in the House.

The Squad took a small hit as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was not on a list of candidates endorsed for November by former president Barack Obama. While Obama is not endorsing a Republican in the fall, his message is symbolic of his place in the establishment cosmos and his disdain of outsider rebels like Ocasio-Cortez.

This win, and that of Jamaal Bowman in New York, strengthens the hard left in the Democrat Party and will put further pressure on Joe Biden to tack left to appease them. This could make Biden too far left for the general election voting public.

In Kansas Roger Marshall beat Kris Kobach in a U.S. Senate primary. Kris is a strident figure, though quite conservative, who was polling behind the likely Democrat opponent in the fall. Marshall was polling above the Democrat.

As backstory, commented Kansas attorney and political analyst Kenneth Remfry before the race, “Just a little heads up from the epicenter of flyover country. Tonight the results of our primary will be tallied. The 2 main candidates for Senate are Congressman Roger Marshall and Kris Kobach. Mr. Kobach lost the governor’s race two years ago and a Democratic PAC has been spending millions attacking Marshall. They obviously want another crack at Kobach. He’s currently polling under the Democrat, Marshall is polling ahead of her. Anyway, Kansas hasn’t elected a Democratic US Senator since 1932; but a Kobach victory would seem to put that towards an end. And if the GOP loses this seat, it’s curtains for a national majority. So you may want to watch this one tonight.”

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We did and Remfry was right. The president did not endorse either candidate in the race. With the Tuberville win in Alabama, this win should scupper any Democrat plans of taking over the Senate.

Meanwhile Biden has decided, citing the virus, not to go to Milwaukee to accept the party nomination. This in keeping with the basement strategy that seems to be polling well for him. He will use that reason to duck debates as well. The president has not ruled out accepting his party’s nomination from the White House.