The Trump campaign announced Monday that it is considering the White House and the Gettysburg Battlefield as the last two contenders for the site of the Trump and Pence GOP renomination acceptance speeches.

If they choose Gettysburg it is fitting because of the state of the Union today. As if Lee, Stuart, and Longstreet had fully invaded the north, New York City and Chicago are engulfed in urban warfare. Black Lives Matter and Antifa have picked up where Sherman left off in Atlanta and Seattle and Portland resemble the New York City draft riots on any given night.

In another publication over the weekend I had recommended an outdoor venue for the convention speeches. Perhaps someone was listening. The GOP needs to contrast with the upcoming officious and fear-mongering Democrat convention, or what’s left of it.

A heroic reminder of American history, the kind of memory the Democrats and the left want to destroy, will serve well to counteract the Democrats and the cancel culture so prevalent in America today.

The logistics of it can be accomplished with relative ease, with security being at the forefront. That is because if it is an outside venue it will suddenly become the target for every Democrat, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter nutcase in the nation.

I know Gettysburg, having visited there numerous times. My kids used to say when they were growing up, “Other kids go to Disney World. We go to Gettysburg.” The city itself will have to gird their loins for the influx of media and leftists. The Battlefield, the proposed site of the event, will be easier, it’s federal ground, to keep orderly than the town. Rioters could take advantage of that to bring chaos to deflect attention away from the GOP.

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But if they do they would be walking into a Trump and GOP ambush. There they would be trashing a small town filled with American history, in a swing state no less. How would Pennsylvania react, how would the nation react, to see the Colton motel, the Kunstler Gallery, and the quaint downtown ice cream shop looted by the likes of Antifa and Black Lives Matter? Not well I would guess.

If they tried that the deeply racist minions of Antifa and Black Lives Matter would in the end be repulsed in much the same way Pickett’s division was in the summer of 1863. That is, by forces fighting for freedom, liberty, and the United States of America.

What should the president say in his speech? As tempting as it is to give it to the Democrats right between the eyes, as their actions are reminiscent of traitorous civil war Democrats, he instead should use Lincoln’s address there and the Lincoln second inaugural address as his inspiration.

President Donald Trump must remind us who we are as a nation. He must recall not only what separates us as a nation, but what brings us together. The president is a natural political pugilist. But this time he must show more charity than malice, to pay proper accord to the hallowed ground from which he would be speaking. It’s what’s right to do and also, what’s politically smart to do as well.