The only reason we know the truth about the riots going on in the country everyday in Portland, Chicago, New York City, Kenosha and the other cities is because we have citizen journalists and some brave conservative reporters doing the job that the leftist media won’t do. 

Journalist Andy Ngo, the conservative editor of The Post Millennial, has been one of the people who has been keeping on top of the riots, especially in Portland.

Those exposing the rioters actions are the real journalists, risking their lives to get the truth out. They are recording the arson, assaults and criminal behavior going on. 

In order to get the real news, we have to go to Twitter every night to see who the AntifaBLM terrorists are targeting – which cities they are burning, which police officers they are assaulting and what neighborhoods they are going into.

You don’t see too many CNN correspondents with boots on the ground in these cities between midnight and 5 am when most of the violence is happing. 

And when you do see a report, it is laughable because CNN and their leftist media friends are still trying to pretend that the riots aren’t happening.

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They stand in front of burning buildings and act like what is happening behind them isn’t happening behind them. 

Recently, CNN was mocked on Twitter for showing a reporter standing in front of burning cars in Kenosha, Wisconsin with a chyron underneath the report that said, “Fiery but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting.”

CNN’s ludicrous description of events in Kenosha went viral getting more than a million views.

CNN is using the tactics of Baghdad Bob. Bob’s real name is Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf and he was the Iraqi information minister from 2001 to 2003.

His statements at press conferences became the subject of ridicule during the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq. He would often make comments that were the exact opposite of what was really happening in Iraq. 

He would tell everyone that Americans had never invaded and then after it was obvious that the Americans were there, he would tell everyone how badly The United States was losing or that they had fled altogether. It became a comedy show that people looked forward to watching for its absurdity.

CNN is just as honest in their reporting as Baghdad Bob.

They are riot deniers who have as much credibility as Baghdad Bob and will lose the fight they are in just as swiftly.

Why aren’t the CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, Washington Post or New York Times reporters and correspondents on the ground every night in these cities, happily covering the “peaceful” protests?

Are they trying to hide what’s going on or are they just cowards?

They had reporters in the middle east when bombs were going off, embedded with military units. 

So why are the reporters AWOL in burning American cities?

Now that Biden’s polling numbers are tanking, the democrats are finally waking up to the fact that they might actually have to address the riots. 

So the new plan is to blame Trump. 

Yes, these riots are all happening in democratic controlled cities where the governments have refused to protect their cities and the innocent citizens who live there. 

Yes, most of these cities have turned down Trump’s offer of help.

Yes, most of the riots have been happening for months with Trump tweeting that the democrats need to bring their cities under control.

Yes, the chaos and anarchy in the cities has had the support of the democratic party. 

But it’s Trump’s fault.

Former democratic presidential loser candidate, Pete Buttigieg, is one of the cuckoos who is auditioning for the new role of Baghdad Bob. He said, “The simple reality is that we are seeing more and more chaos and violence under the Trump presidency, and there’s no reason to expect that it would get any different or better if he were re-elected.”

The democrats don’t live in the real world. They live in a fake world of their own marketing and spin. 

They live in a world where their rioting mobs can move freely about the country to start fires, assault police and harass innocent people. 

In this world, the mob’s co-conspirators in the media always have their backs and will refer to the terrorists as protesters and describe their criminality as a demonstration, even as buildings are blown up behind them. 

Or at least they will until they are told by Obama to switch directions and to cover the chaos as “Trump riots” because that is a better election strategy.