If you caught any of this week’s Democratic National Convention you saw the ascendancy of emotion. I mean, they might just as well have played the 70s soft rock schlock tune “Feelings” throughout the entire show.

We heard charges, but no facts to back them up. We saw C-List Hollywood celebrities giving political advice, as if they are qualified to give it. We witnessed sometimes bizarre cultural rituals no doubt de rigueur in Manhattan or Los Angeles, but that struck the rest of the country as just wacky. Like that little dance at the end of the first night? What in the Sam Hill was that?

It all stems from the complete subjugation of fact to emotion, empirical evidence to hysteria, data to ideology. With that, what’s a thinking person to do in this election cycle?

Now before you automatically say vote Republican, remember, we have our crazoids too. They are generally comprised of the QAnon people, those who think the president has been anointed by God (he was actually anointed in 2016 by Republican primary voters. Not quite the same thing), and those who robotically parrot any line no matter how absurd, on both sides of the aisle, from a politician they have an affinity for or support on a specific topic.

However, if you use logic, empirical evidence, and throw away the crazed screeching of loons of both parties you will inevitably vote conservative, and thus Republican, on sheer evidence alone.

How and by what standards? For example: The Democrat economy under Obama vs, pre-COVID, the Republican economy under Trump. We’ve seen what Trump can do when not faced with a medical disaster not of his making. He can do it again. Per the virus, the president hasn’t been at his best. But his issues pale in comparison to the death and deceit visited upon their constituents by Democrat governors.

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Look at the economic and public safety status of cities under Republicans and under Democrats. Any difference? Uh huh. Democrat cities are filthy terror domes under the virtual control of Marxists and domestic terrorists. GOP-run cities, though not perfect, are not the savage murder and corruption festivals run by municipal Democrats.

Our standing in the world? Remember those sailors on their knees in front of the Iranians under Obama? Recall Obama almost prostrating himself when faced with Islamic potentates? Seen any of that stuff under Trump? No. We see a restored military and renewed power and influence in the world under Trump.

Now granted, the president has his moments. He can go off half-cocked on flights of fancy and can be petulant and petty when situations call for the opposite. But we’re not electing a cleric or an etiquette coach. We’re electing a president who should be judged solely on results. Those who seek a savior or moral exemplar in most politicians who sit behind the big desk in the Oval Office are in for a rude surprise.

When judged on that adult and empirical basis, not on the childish cacophony coming from any side, a thinking person, at least an honest one, has no choice but to support the reelection of Donald Trump and a Republican ascendancy. For even if Trump and the GOP are not your favorite cup of tea, on logical and empirical grounds, the Democrats are the far worse alternative.