Nasty whiney spiteful hateful Crooked Hillary can’t get over her loss to President Donald Trump.

If the Clinton Foundation was actually legitimate (try not to laugh), it seems like that would be a really fun and meaningful thing for her to work on to fill her time. But she could care less about helping people.

She’d much rather go on TV and the internet doing interviews and bellyaching about Trump.

After so much time and effort was put into her winning the election, she’s a bitter old woman and is still part of Obama’s coup against Donald Trump. 

You really can’t blame Crooked Hillary for turning into a shriveled up corpse with nothing to do with her life. She didn’t have a back-up plan devised in case she lost.

And she’s put up with Billy all of these years in order to ascend to the presidency.

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That was a gamble that didn’t pay off.

Everything was stolen from her. The usual strategy of corruption, bribery, threats and fraud did not work this time for her or the democrats and she is the one to pay the price.

The democrats participated in election meddling, the media was totally on her side and Obama marshaled all of the intelligence agencies, domestic and international, in his coup against Trump.

The fix was in. But it wasn’t enough.

Hillary even got the fireworks show in place for her victory party but it wasn’t meant to be.

None of the usual chicanery worked.

Orange Man Bad and the American people pulled a fast one on her. Trump won and somehow he’s still in office despite the democrat’s treasonous behavior for the past four years.

Democrats and the media decided to portray Trump’s 2016 victory as illegitimate and have been going after him ever since. Even the fake Russia story didn’t work. Sure, he was impeached but it meant nothing.

Fake news stories, investigations, lawsuits, protests and more have bounced off of Teflon Don and the democrats continue to lose their minds on a daily basis.

So now they intend to throw the 2020 election into chaos with mail in ballots so they can declare another illegitimate Trump victory.

Yes, they know he’s going to win again and they have a plan.

Crooked Hillary did an interview recently with a former aide who is now at The Circus and Hillary said that Joe Biden should not concede “under any circumstances.” 

She said she thinks the election is going to drag out and “eventually I do believe he (Biden) will win if we don’t give an inch.”

How, Crooked Hillary? What is your plan?

She continued, “So we’ve gotta have a massive legal operation and I know the Biden campaign is working on that.”

Yes, he is. Lots of lawyers. They will contest the votes everywhere they can. 

Don’t doubt that they will have democrat postal workers holding onto ballots and friends in election offices where they will hide ballots on purpose and claim voters were disenfranchised after they “find” the ballots the day after the election. Lawsuits will ensue.

Crooked Hillary said, “We have to have poll workers” and she urged people to sign up to be poll workers.

Really? So she’s telling everyone to mail in their ballot so they are not killed by COVID-19 but it’s okay to stay at the polling place the entire day around people?

Hm…. something seems a little off with that, Hillary.

She also delved into comedy during the interview as well when she said, “We have to have our own teams of people to counter the force of intimidation that the republicans and Trump are going to put outside of polling places.”

That’s a good one. I think she had a dementia moment there and forgot that it was Obama’s friends, the Black Panthers, who were intimidating people at the polling places. And they weren’t there representing the republicans.

I don’t think I’ve ever read one story about republican intimidating people at the polls unless you count wearing a MAGA hat or driving into the polling place with a Trump bumper sticker. Yes, that’s a pretty scary thing to democrats. 

Republicans aren’t aggressive, bullying, nor do they act like terrorists. Nope, that’s a democrat thing as we are currently seeing in cities on fire all over the country. And you’re seeing a new bullying tactic by the leftists where they show up at restaurants and bully people into holding up a black power fist.

Yes, Hillary, it’s the democrats who are intimidating people all day, every day.

Back in 2016, when Crooked Hillary thought she was going to win the presidency she said that not accepting the results of the election was a threat to democracy. 

Now she wants us to live in a banana republic.

Not to be outdone, losing presidential candidate, ineffective former VP and climate change opportunist Al Gore said that if Trump refuses to concede the election, the military will run him out.


What military? 

The military the democrats never care about or fund adequately? The military that Trump loves and supports? The military that swears an oath to defend the constitution? That military?

Who are the democrats going to get to do this? Maybe retired U.S. Marine Corps General Jim Mattis would volunteer for the job. Or Marine Corps. Gen. John Kelly. There are plenty of never-Trumpers that are waiting in the wings and willing to help the democrats in exchange for some sort of ambassador appointment, CNN gig, or book deal from their democrat friends.

In an interview with Reuters Editor in Chief Stephen Adler, Al Gore said that when he conceded to George Bush, he had no other choice and that there was “no intermediate step between a final Supreme Court decision and violent revolution.”


I”m wondering who would have marched in the streets for Al Gore in a violent revolution?

So it looks like if Trump says the results are illegitimate and he wants to go to court like Gore did, well that’s totally unacceptable to the unhinged democrats. 

They’re all above board, of course. They can’t be challenged.

Gore went on to say that if Trump doesn’t leave in January then “the police force, the Secret Service, the military, all of the executive branches, will respond to the command and the direction of the new president.” 

And then Trump will get the boot.

See ya later, alligator.

Catch ya later. Au Revoir. Adios Amigos.

As nut job liberal Jim Carey said in the movie Truman, “Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya: Good afternoon, good evening and good night!”

Trump no more. 

The coup would finally be complete.

But they underestimate Trump. They always have.

He’s ready for them.