As with just about everything, the democrats staked out positions in the past that turn on a dime when Trump agrees with them. 

President Trump drives the democrat’s TDS into new realms of insanity every day. If Trump likes ice cream, they don’t. If Trump finds a helpful treatment for COVID-19, they publicly destroy the drug’s reputation even though their behavior will kill people.

In today’s example, we have payroll tax cuts, which were completely acceptable in a pre-Trump world to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. 

In 2011, Biden wrote an op-ed applauding payroll tax cuts as “real money for real people” and called it “extra money” that Americans “can use to help with bills and groceries, or even to upgrade appliances or make their homes more energy efficient.”

Biden went on to say that payroll tax cuts would fuel the economy, “spurring growth and creating jobs.”

And what did he say about the payroll tax cuts as they relate to social security? He said, “Critics have been spreading misinformation that the payroll tax cut will threaten the solvency of Social Security. That’s just plain wrong.”

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He actually spoke the truth back then about how the revenue is replaced with money from the general fund – which is what Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said over the weekend.

Flash forward to August 2020 Orange Man Bad times. Biden’s Twitter account said the following: “Today Donald Trump stated that if re-elected, he’ll undermine the entire financial footing of Social Security. Our seniors and millions of Americans with disabilities are under enough stress without their hard-earned Social Security benefits in doubt.”

We need a new nickname for Biden. 

Not just Hidin’ Biden. He needs to be Lyin’ Hidin’ Biden. 

That has a nice ring to it.

Nancy Pelosi also liked payroll tax cuts before Trump came up with the idea.

In 2012, Nance told PBS, “[Payroll tax cuts] are necessary because our economy and our people need this boost. For individual families, 160 million American families, this will be a boost. From a macroeconomic standpoint, the demand is injected into the economy, will spend this money, will be a job creator.”

She called the payroll tax cuts under Obama “a victory for all Americans” and security of the middle class. She was giddy that 160 Americans would get their Obama payroll tax cut and saluted her House Democratic caucus for getting it done.

But that’s the world of being a democrat. If they do something, or especially if Obama does something, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. If Orange Man Bad does the same thing, zillions of people are going to starve or be killed – usually the kids or the elderly.