Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is on Executive Order 166 of her pandemic orders and there is no end in sight. She is constantly citing science in defense of her orders but clearly there is no science and no common sense either.

Over the past week, she has issued two especially idiotic executive orders that WILL NOT be adhered to. It’s not even an issue of whether people want to adhere to her orders anymore. She is coming up with orders that CAN’T be adhered to.

Executive order 2020-164 was issued to mandate that child care organizations and camps make children who are four and older wear a face covering in all indoor common spaces and that all children two and older wear a face covering on a school bus or other transportation. This covers all regions except the Upper Peninsula and parts of Northern Lower Michigan who are in Phase 5 of the Michigan Safe Start Plan.

Good luck getting any kids between two years old and about eight years old to wear masks, governor. 

When you figure out how to do that, let us know how you were also able to cure cancer and find out how the planets and the earth formed. 

We’d really like to know about things like that and you seem to have a leg up on science and data with the kind of clarity and intelligence that the rest of us just don’t possess.

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Whitmer’s second idiotic executive order (which actually made me laugh out loud) is Executive Order 2020-166. 

This half-witted absurd farce of an order actually allows everyone in the whole state to take a two week vacation whenever they feel like it. 

It states that if anyone in the public has had close contact (15 minutes or more) within six feet of someone with any of the COVID-19 symptoms which include severe headache, diarrhea, coughing, sore throat, fever, difficulty breathing, vomiting, abdominal pain or loss of taste or smell shall quarantine themselves for 14 days.

So pretty much the entire state of Michigan. 

You would be hard pressed to come across anyone who lives in Michigan, who due to allergies, bad food, stress or the weather doesn’t have more than one of those symptoms every week. Going in and out from air conditioning to 80 to 90 degree heat can wreck havoc on your health during the summer.

I’m just going to point out the obvious. And it’s what people are thinking, even democrats now. The woman is nuts.

Luckily, there may be relief coming to the inhabitants of Michigan from Whitmer’s tyranny from two upcoming events. 

On September 2nd, the Michigan Supreme Court will be reviewing the validity of Whitmer’s emergency declarations. They’ll be looking at her citing Act 302 of 1945 and ignoring the 1970’s act which mandates her getting legislature approval for her emergency declarations and subsequent executive orders.

The second way to prevent more Whitmer tyranny come in the form of the petition that is circulating from Unlock Michigan which would let the legislature dispose of Act 302 of 1945. Unlock Michigan needs about 340,000 valid signatures and are well on their way to accomplishing that task thanks to the forces behind them which includes an endorsement from America’s Barber, Karl Manke and assistance from local GOP organizations around the state. They have collected, just in the first week, over 100,000 signatures already.

Once the organization gets enough signatures, the 1945 law would go in front of the Republican-controlled Michigan legislators who can approve the citizens initiative through a simple majority vote without the governor’s approval. 

Something has to be done soon before the crazy governor orders us to use a specific brand of toothpaste, stand on our head every Tuesday and only make left turns on the roadway.