It was a classy move on President Trump’s part but the leftist media will never give him any credit for it. 

When Trump showed up at the RNC Convention after Vice President Pence’s acceptance speech for the vice presidential nomination, he did not take the mic, allowing Pence’s speech to be the closing argument of the night where he explained why Americans to re-elect President Trump. 

After the speech, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump came out and stood on stage with Mike Pence and his wife, Karen.

Trump applauded and pointed to Pence, but stayed away from the microphone. He was there to support his vice president and to meet with the veterans who were in attendance. 

While they were all on stage, they stood with their hands over their hearts as country music singer Trace Adkins sang the National Anthem. 

The theme of the night was “Land of Heroes” and the RNC celebrated the sacrifices of the military and first responders as well as other heroes in the country including those who have been working through the pandemic crisis.

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There were a lot of veterans in the audience, many in the first row, who were invited to the speech at Fort McHenry in Baltimore. Fort Henry is the site of a key battle in the War of 1812 where the Baltimore Harbor was defended from British attack. At the end of the attack, the American flag was still flying which ended up being an inspiration for “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Pence said of the attendees, “Our armed forces and our veterans fill this land of heroes, and many join us tonight in this historic forum. Tonight, we have among us four recipients of the Medal of Honor. Six recipients of the purple heart. A Gold Star mother of a gallant Navy seal. And wounded warriors from SoldierStrong, a group that serves our injured veterans every day. We are honored by your presence, and we thank you for your service.”

Trump was in his element after Pence’s speech. He was standing on stage and saluted the veterans, a lot of of them standing up with the help of walkers, smiling back with appreciation of his support, some giving him the thumbs up sign. 

President Trump and the First Lady went over towards them, standing behind a socially distanced barrier which kept them at least six feet apart. They walked the front row of the audience and you could see the President and the First Lady mouthing “thank you” over and over again as they greeted everyone.

And the gratitude was reciprocal.

The crowd was clearly thankful that the president was there and thankful for all he has done for them and the country.