If you listen to the left wing media the talk is predominantly about the president’s problems with all sorts of voters. We hear of his suburban moms problem, his minority problem, his problem with Inuit lesbians. That kind of thing.

But you rarely if ever hear about the male vote. Remember us? You know, the dads, husbands, boyfriends, and guys who, if the left is to be believed, really run this country to the detriment of everybody else. As such, being such an all powerful group, you’d think somebody would care how we vote. But nah, you hardly hear a peep about the alleged overlords of America.

If you did, like now, you’d hear, if the analyst was honest, that Joe Biden and the Democrats in general have a massive problem with the male vote and have for generations.

Now, before we go on let’s define the subject. I’m not talking about your overeducated and undersexed soy boys who express their mommy issues through political action. You see them at Antifa rallies clad in chic rioter apparel and ready to hurl a water bottle at police. Yeah, those guys.

My favorite example of them is a social media shot of one of them in front of his computer. He’s dressed like a character from some sci-fi action film. Sitting by the computer are two handguns. Slung across his back is what looks like an AR-15. However, on closer inspection of the weapons you see small orange cap pieces on the barrels. Yup, they are toy guns, maybe nerf guns. Mr. Antifa is trying to look tactical, but neglected to remove the orange doodads that identify his weapons as something you’d buy for your kids at a mall toy store. Such is the vicious combat readiness of such males. As such, they are not our subject.

I’m talking about men who go to work, may have a family, maybe served their country or community in uniform, and who want to be left alone to live their lives with as little hassle as possible. Yeah, us.

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Since the 1970s, when the Democrats were taken over by the left, traditional male voters have bristled at the Nurse Ratched State. They’ve seen themselves insulted, their sons pilloried as dunces to be left behind by the education system, and their whole manner and worldview termed toxic. So no wonder their votes naturally do not gravitate towards those who target them with enmity. Biden and the Democrats could not care less about them.

The Democrat coalition of grievance groups, harpies, and Bolsheviks has no place for these men who carry much of the weight of society on their backs. Every utterance of the Democrats castigates their existence and seeks to legislate and coerce them out of any power or influence and eventually into a social dustheap.

But beware, we vote too and we will not forget on Election Day what we’re voting for and who and what we are voting against. We’re funny that way.