What do you do when the democratic militia of AntifaBLM is free to roam the country and commit sedition, arson, assault and murder with no push back or consequences? 

What do you do when the democrats are releasing criminals from jail with no cash bail and because of COVID-19 concerns?

Some people give in. 

Some give up. 

Some move away. 

Some take up arms.

Do you think it's ok Jeff Bezos doesn't pay taxes, takes a trip to space and still asks the US taxpayer for $10B?

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Sheriff Mark Lamb in Pinal County Arizona has decided to deputize his county residents to help in the fight against the criminals who are trying to destroy the country. He wants to be ready for any contingency.

The Citizens Posse will help keep the peace by helping law enforcement, especially during emergencies.

Those in the posse will have a background check and sign a waiver. They’ll learn about constitutional law, firearm safety, search and seizure, home safety and use of force before they are deputized.

Lamb decided that he needed to reinforce his ranks after looking at the anti-police and pro-crime landscape in the country.

Lamb said of forming the posse, “”First and foremost, all agencies right now are looking at ways to improve community relationships. I think that’s been a hot topic, especially with defunding the police.”

The county has already received more than 400 emails from interested citizens. Lamb is happy about the response. He said, “I can call on command any of the inhabitants of the county to assist me in completing my mission, hence the posse. And we wanted to be prepared should anything bad come. While we hope such an action is never required, we want to make sure those willing to step into the role are trained and ready.”

Sounds like a good idea for the entire country.