That’s right, the leftists are restless. This time it’s Adbusters, the group that started the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, who wants to start a revolution. 

Adbusters is probably a little miffed that the other terrorist groups are getting all of the attention and money, so they have planned a “Siege Against The White House” that will start on September 17th and last for 50 days, conveniently ending just after the election.

What remains to be seen is if this is going to tick off the AntifaBLM and there will be a clash among the terrorists over territory or if they’ll all join hands and commit assault and arson together. After all, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban work with each other sometimes.

Yes, I would say there’s a very good chance this will be yet another group of 20-somethings setting peaceful fires and going after the police.

The word SEIGE in the Mirriam-Webster dictionary has several lovely definitions including “a persistent or serious attack” and a “military blockade of a city or fortified place to compel it to surrender.” 

No comment yet from Adbusters on which definition they’re going with but if you look at the meme of The White House on their Twitter feed, there is smoke billowing all around it so while they can say they are peaceful all they want, their artwork shows another story. 

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Their Twitter feed also asks, “Are you ready for a revolution?”

Smoke and a revolution. Definitely NOT peaceful motives.

Their website says that September 17th is the “perfect day to trigger another global big-bang moment” and a massive collective action of disobedience.

They rail against Trump and the 2008 financial meltdown and demand “dramatic, decisive action.”

Their Facebook page has over 118,000 people who like their page and they have posted that it is required to have a complete transformation of society because our systems are born from greed, systemic racism and violence. 

Their Twitter feed has over 64K followers and as you would expect, they have re-tweets from their idol, Bernie Sanders, but no re-tweets from Hidin’ Biden. It’s not clear if they are endorsing Biden for president or not but they dislike Trump. Shocking, right?

Adbusters has other questionable re-tweets including those of the violent Portland protests and tweets of others who call America a “shithole country” and a tweet that says “fuck the feds.” Adbusters found these tweets interesting enough to pass along to their followers.

One of their more revealing re-tweets is the one of Vermin Supreme’s tweet that says, “We must destroy America in order to Save it.”

So looking at all of this – their own words, artwork, tweets, re-tweets, posts, videos and photos… it doesn’t exactly look like this is going to end up as a peaceful siege. 

But than again, I don’t think there is such a thing.

Can any of you tell me about any peaceful sieges you remember in American history? World history? 

Mr. Google couldn’t give me a list when I typed in “peaceful siege.”

I’m sure the Adbuster terrorists will have a few days or so of a festival life atmosphere so that the leftist media can tell everyone how peaceful they are and show pictures of chalk art, poetry readings and people handing out food to the homeless. 

But we all know how things will end up because we’ve seen this movie before. Terrorists can’t get continued press coverage by writing poetry and singing songs.

Anarchy will commence.