You’ll never believe what is happening. 

It’s like the stars have aligned and our higher power, our creator, has lent his hand for a miracle.

No longer do we have to be consumed with worry about the pandemic, the coming asteroid or losing our job or our business. 

We have a once in a life time phenomenon that will pull us all out of our depression and make everything okay again.

General Mills has announced that they will be selling Lucky Charms marshmallows for a limited time!

Yes, the marshmallows.

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Just the marshmallows.

It’s what we’ve been waiting for most of our lives. 

For decades.

Since 1964, we’ve had to put up with the stupid Lucky Charms toasted oats cereal in order to get to the marshmallows.

It was torture.

No more.

The marshmallows have been freed from their captivity and so have we.

General Mills will be selling packages of “Just Magic Marshmallows” starting in a few weeks for a limited time at select stores. The 6 oz. pouches will set you back about $3.99 each.

New York City will see this pouches on store shelves on September 1st.

Lucky the leprechaun is surely doing a happy dance. He was able to survive the cancel culture this year when the leftists went after food mascots and now he can celebrate this great news.

Here’s hoping that the cereal company will spread the magic to stores all over the country so I don’t have to make a trip out to the east coast or go on the internet to buy them after people purchase them in bulk and sell them for $20 a bag.

Yes, that seems like a high price but the marshmallows have superpowers. They represent Lucky the Leprechaun’s magical charms. The hearts can bring things to life, the stars can give us the power to fly, the horseshoe can speed up or slow down time, and of course, the green clovers can bring us luck.

And they’re magically delicious.