The defund police moment has been embraced by democratic candidate Joe Biden no matter what the democrats are trying to tell you.

Defunding means to take money away from. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking away a dollar or the whole budget. Defunding is defunding.

The democrats like to play games and when they get caught being total idiots (which happens quite often), they say, OH NO, we’re not defunding the police department. We’re just moving money around. We’re just re-directing the funding.

It’s the same thing.

Politicians have no idea what police departments need to do their job but are still making decisions to take their funding away and use the money for whatever their little democrat brains think is appropriate.

Joe Biden has been publicly winking to the radical police-haters, letting them know that he mostly agrees with their demands.

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Biden finally made some comments the past month about the police issue and the whole thing has come to the forefront lately because President Trump is running a great ad on cable TV about Biden wanting to defund the police and Trump has an answering machine telling the caller that there is no one there to take their calls to the police about rape, murder, etc.

So now the media is running cover for Biden saying that he doesn’t want to “defund” the police and that everybody took his comments out of context. 

You can be the judge.

Biden was talking about the police in an interview where he was talking about how police don’t need surplus military equipment.

Really, Joe? Are you paying attention to what’s going on in the country?

But I digress…

Biden was asked by the interviewer, Ady Baken, if they can “agree that we can redirect some of the funding” for the cops.

Biden said, “Yes, absolutely.”


That’s what he said.

Doesn’t matter for what. Doesn’t matter how much.

He said, “Yes, absolutely.”

In June, Biden said he supports conditional federal money to police based on whether they meet certain basic standards of decency and honorableness.


Biden wants some subjective democratic litmus test because democrats know how to spend the police money better than the police do? 

No thanks.

Biden also said it makes sense to reallocate funding away from the police department in some instances.

Yes, we’ve heard this crap before.

Reallocating is defunding. Moving resources around is defunding.

No matter what flowery phrases the democrats come up with to describe their defund the police movement, it’s all the same thing.

Only problem is…

Looks like the leftists are getting all in a tizzy defending their anti-police movement because they may have figured out that it’s the AntifaBLM white teenagers who are the ones calling for the defunding of police, not the black people in high crime areas like this video shows.