On Wednesday, Eric Trump re-tweeted that only 19 people were watching Joe Biden’s live stream 26 minutes into an event he was doing. 

Trump tweeted out a screenshot of the number of people watching to back up his claim of 19 viewers, not that anyone paying attention to the presidential race would doubt it. No one is interested in what Biden says or does.

The event was called “Vice President Joe Biden Walks a Day with SEIU Member & Nursing Home Worker, Shanrika” but he didn’t actually walk with her. 

He was watching her from his basement. 

Wow, that sounds kinda creepy.

Shanrika wasn’t on for a long time though. Joe had various union members and leaders on the feed complaining about their lack of money and resources. 

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Union members are constantly complaining about their working conditions even though union members almost always get paid more and get better benefits than most of us “regular” workers.

So who were the 19 people who actually spent their time watching rambling Dementia Joe talk about union membership while he kept touching his face?

We will never know who the viewers were but I came up with a list of 19 people who might have been interested enough to waste their time on watching Hidin’ Biden.

1. George Soros

2. Jill Biden

3. George Conway

4. Shanrika’s mom

5. Biden’s IT guy or gal

6. The person who designed the SEIU t-shirts

7. Hunter Biden

8. Joe’s campaign manager

9. The SEIU president

10. George W. Bush

11. Jim Acosta

12. Rob Reiner

13. Bernie Sanders

14. Chuck Todd

15. Bill Ayers

16. Joe’s dog, Major

17. Joe Scarborough

18. Kanye West

19. Joe Biden

The SEIU’s Twitter feed didn’t fare very well either. They posted Joe’s event but only got six comments, 93 shares and 72 likes by Thursday afternoon. But good news for Joe…The increase in the Biden stream on You Tube increased a bit by Thursday. He was up to 1,399 views! 


I think a picture of my dinner last night could get a bigger audience.