As you live your life day to day, there are all kinds of open questions out there. Questions that have plagued mankind for years.

Questions that used to spar inquiry and debate but with the state of the country today, might get a Molotov cocktail launched at you if your democrat friend disagrees with you…so tread carefully.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Do aliens exist?

What the heck are The Kingsmen saying after “Louie Louie”?

Why do round pizzas come in a square box?

Do you think it's ok Jeff Bezos doesn't pay taxes, takes a trip to space and still asks the US taxpayer for $10B?

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And what is a Wang Chung? 

If I want to have fun and Wang Chung tonight, how do I prepare? What do I do?

Since the band that sings the song is actually named Wang Chung, the most obvious answer is that if you want to Wang Chung, you’ll be playing their music on the radio like they tell their fictional girlfriend to do in the song but others have had different interpretations.

A high percentage of songs out there are about sex so that is always a good guess.

Wang Chunging could also mean dancing.

The 80’s was a fun time. Definitely more fun than 2020 for sure. 

Fun songs, good beats, weird lyrics, danceable music…

I’ve been waiting for upbeat pandemic songs but haven’t heard of any yet so I guess we can just go with the classics…

“Don’t Stand So Close to Me” by The Police or “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” by The Georgia Satellites seem like good choices for the times.

As it stands, if you want to Wang Chung tonight, you can pretty much do what you want.

Band member Nick Feldman has said, “Wang Chuck is the feeling, not the word. It represents an abstract, escape from the pragmatic, complex ideas. Wang Chung means whatever you want it to mean. Have fun with it.”