The statue toppling anarchists don’t really care what statues they go after. They are just lawless and need something to do.

So it’s pretty irrelevant to them if the statue represents a confederate soldier, a union soldier, a black soldier, an abolitionist, an elk or religious icons.

Some of them have some disgusting ideology to use as an excuse but most just show up to add to the chaos and destruction. It’s who they are. They are the anti-American mob at war with the country.

And now, God is under attack.

Wth their deafening silence about the destruction of historic and religious statues, the democratic party has become supporters of this behavior.

On one side, you have the unconstitutional lawless democratic governors closing down churches. 

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On the other side, you have their “army” vandalizing and burning churches and tearing down statues of Jesus and other religious figures.

About a month ago, leftist Shaun King called for “all murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus and his European mother and their white friends” to come down.

In Chattanooga on Saturday, a 5-foot statues of the Virgin Mary was decapitated at the St. Stephen Catholic Church.

There was also a statue of the Virgin Mary was spray painted in Queens and she was set on fire in Boston. 

There are many more instances of attacks on churches and religious statues including the well-known vandalism and arson of the St. John’s Episcopal Church next to The White House.

This criminal behavior has nothing to do with George Floyd. It has to do with the upcoming election and hating President Trump.

It has everything to do with the radical “transformation” of the country that Joe Biden is promising.