Because the deep state is so corrupt, and because they have their own immunity from any kind of prosecution for their traitorous, seditious, disgusting crimes, I think that President Trump should do the same for himself and his family.

A recent story in the Hill discusses the issue because they think it’s quite plausible that Trump will try to pardon himself and they say that they have obtained documents that Trump has written that say, “Under absolute powers bestowed on me as president under Article II of the Constitution, I am awarding a full prospective, presidential pardon to the person who has been the most unfairly investigated and persecuted by our corrupt system of justice: Donald J. Trump.”

I say go for it just in case the corrupt Biden puppeteers are able to cheat their way into The White House.

It’s not a far-fetched idea to pardon oneself. 

In fact, during the Clinton impeachment hearings, House Judiciary Committee member Bob Goodlatte said that the “prevailing opinion is that the president can pardon himself.”

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Of course, anything Trump does will be deemed outrageous, unconstitutional and lawless and be given all the usual noise that the democrats and the leftist media like to create.

The Constitution says that the president has the power to “grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States.” It has no time limit. It does not say whether any offenses have to be in the past, in the present time or in the future.

Even if Biden becomes president, the leftists aren’t going to let go of their hatred for all things Trump. They will go after him for the rest of their lives with everything that they have and with the backing of every agency in the government. 

The president should protect himself and his family from these evildoers.