How sick of a political party do you have to be that, in order for your party to come back into power, you have to destroy your own country? 

Nothing is off limits for the democrats. 


The economy.


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Constitutional freedoms.

The police.


Democrats continue to be silent as the military arms of their party, Antifa and the BLM, riot, loot and set the country on fire. Just because you don’t see it on TV every day doesn’t mean it’s not still happening. The chaos and destruction in Portland has been going on for seven weeks now.

Democrats have allowed cities to be taken over and the destruction of businesses. And even as murders are committed, the democrats still do not condemn the violence because these criminals are their voters. 

On the rare occasion that a democrat speaks up or actually enforces the law, it’s usually because these criminals have show up on their door.

Because the democrats have no strategy whatsoever to slow down the coronavirus, revive the economy, or anything else, they are running on opposing Trump, which leads them to be on the opposite side of everything Trump says or does.

That means that democrats are against law and order, against the military, against the police, against capitalism and against the country in general. 

Radical government overthrow is now their publicly stated goal.

Hawk Newsome, chairman of BLM in New York, told everyone what is going on with BLM in an interview with Fox News when he said, “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.”

We must take them for their word because their actions back up statements like these.

This anti-police fascist terrorist group doesn’t mind telling the world what they are about and Joe Biden is on board. 

Not usually one to give an opinion on anything going on in the country, except to say that Trump sucks, Joe Biden said in an interview recently that he supports redirecting police funds to other programs. That is the same thing as defunding them. Wink wink, radicals.

In addition to that, Biden got together with socialist Bernie Sanders recently and signed up to radical ideas like free health care to DACA illegal aliens, free college, studying reparations for blacks, banning charter schools, ending cash bail, repealing right to work laws, $15 minimum wage, citizenship for illegal aliens, universal health care, defunding ICE and more.

Biden can’t afford to lose the crazy Bernie voters and the radical arm of the party so he has to pledge to be as nuts as they are, country be damned.

The democrats are doing the job that the radical Muslim extremists started on September 11th and even before that.

But this time, the jihad is from within.