We currently have an infection of the democratic party and their AntifaBLM terrorists spreading their communist disease across the country. 

The AntifaBLM terrorists, many of whom started out as Bernie Bros., are involved in an active revolt against the United States of America. 

These terrorists are no different than the radical Islamist 911 terrorists who tried to destroy our country in 2001. The goal is the same.

The videos of these terrorists in our American cities are not much different than those we have seen at the Benghazi complex when ObamaBidenClinton decided not to defend American citizens or property there either.

The AntifaBLM terrorists are currently targeting American cities including Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Kansas City, Albuquerque, Oakland and New York City but that is not a complete list nor will their terrorism end in these cities.

These terrorist bottom-feeders will likely spread their disease in even more cities and their violence will increase because their shock and awe needs to get more attention on the internet. Monotony is the enemy.

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No city is immune. No person is immune either. They will target you individually as well as whatever group you are in if they find out that you don’t support their insurgence.

These domestic terrorists have no boundaries. Their strategy to infect democrat run cities is working because they rarely suffer any consequences for their crimes and the leftist media runs cover for them. 

On Tuesday, during the Barr hearing, the democrats even went on record as defending and supporting the terrorists.

The democrats, along with the leftist media, are running a shell game where they both deny the terrorist pandemic exists and support it at the same time.

While the democrats cry for federal help from the president for the coronavirus pandemic, they complain when Trump tries to bring law and order to their cities for the insurrection pandemic.

In what resembles the streets in the middle east, many democratic cities from sea to shining sea are being destroyed by terrorists who are comprised mostly of white 20-year-olds in a violent war against the United States. And it often seems like a majority of them are females.

Under the rule of the democrats, you can get arrested for opening up your gym during a lockdown, having too many people in your church or not wearing a mask.

Under the rule of democrats, if you are an anti-Trump AntifaBLM terrorist, you are allowed to commit arson, riot, assault the police and it’s okie dokie to be involved in an insurrection.

So how does one stop an insurrection pandemic? Some of the answers seem obvious.

Police. Law and order. Consequences. Arrests.

There are creative answers as well.

Put up some fencing while the terrorists are sleeping so that they wake up “in jail.”

Play some loud classical music at these riots. Or maybe some Bette Midler. That might drive them away. 

I have an even better idea – play some Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill speeches. Have James Earl Jones read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, explain capitalism and read some writings by Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams or Thomas Paine.

We need to educate this faction of incendiary human waste. That is the cure for their disease.