The democrats think they have America on their side because their leftist media friends have their back.

What they don’t understand is that the American people DON’T support terrorists.

Do they seriously think they can win an election with a strategy of criminal behavior and getting rid of police?

The ignorant lawless Antifa and BLM terrorist protesters are anarchists who have no qualms targeting people that they don’t like. That includes people who fight back against them, people who have the nerve to protect themselves and their businesses. If you have the nerve to push back on them, they will go after you, your family, your job, and your business and try to “cancel” you.

This has been seen and played out in cities all over the country for the past month with no bigger example of it than with their targeting of the McCloskey’s in St. Louis.

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A group of criminals (they broke into a private area) took their bad behavior to a neighborhood last week when they broke through a gate to go into a St. Louis neighborhood to find the mayor’s house.

Fearing for their lives during a time of unrest in the country with rioting, looting and murders, attorneys Mark McCloskey and his wife, Patricia, who lived near the front of the area near the gate, got their guns and protected themselves against the hundreds of protesters who burst through the gate to the area where they lived. They aimed their guns at the protesters in an attempt to protect themselves, their dog and their home.

After that incident, the McCloskey’s were threatened with another attack for the 4th of July weekend and have received many death threats. But the police were no help. They didn’t help the McCloskey’s after they told the police that a group of people were coming to protest again over the weekend. 

They offered no assistance and neither did the private security firms they called who didn’t want to get involved. One firm actually fold the McCloskey’s to let the mob burn their house down.

The mob who went back to the McCloskey’s house over the July 4th weekend, appears to have been organized by the group ExpectUs. They showed up on a public street near the McCloskey’s house this time, chanting, “If we don’t get no justice, then they don’t get no peace.”

This sort of push back against innocent people defending themselves looks like a coordinated effort by the democrats and their leftist groups to show people that they shouldn’t stand up for themselves. It’s intimidation.

They don’t want Americans pushing back and they will go after anyone who does. In another protest down another gated street on July 3rd, scared residents actually held up “Black Lives Matter” signs outside of their homes so that they wouldn’t be terrorized. You will see this on the ExpectUs Twitter feed.

In an interview with NBC, McCloskey discussed how the Antifa and BLM terrorists doesn’t even use any facts, reason or common sense while they decide who to terrorize and decide who their enemies are. He said, “I do civil rights cases. Right now, I’m representing a young man who was assaulted by the police who is sitting in prison right now for being involved in a car accident after which the police came in and assaulted him. It’s on video. I’m not some kind of extreme, you know, anti- Black Lives Matter guy. I do these cases. I have been doing them for decades. I mean, I have on the wall of my conference room, I’ve got an anti-slavery broadsheet, the abolitionist broadsheet from 1832. It’s been there as long as I’ve owned this building. I mean, I’m not I’m not the enemy of people that really care about the Black lives, but I’m apparently the enemy of the terrorists and the Marxists that are running this organization.”