Across America almost every night we see the slobbering hordes of Democrats, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter terrorize streets in order to gain publicity and to allow their media handmaidens to portray them as oppressed by the police.

How people who are lobbing Molotov cocktails into police cars, looting stores, setting fire to homes and businesses, and generally making a shambles of cities are actually the poor innocent victims of a police state is a questionable matter. What’s not questionable is what these domestic terrorists are doing to the cities in which they operate. They are killing them.

Would you move your family or business to Seattle right now? Portland, Louisville, Atlanta, Chicago, Richmond, Philadelphia, Manhattan? You’d have a death wish if you would. In any of those places you have about as much chance being gunned down by some BLM racist lunatic at a fast food joint as you would have actually going to the same type of place in most cities in America and having the staff get your order wrong. These places are Dodge City and the desperadoes are BLM racists, Antifa communists, and Democrat socialists, all united in an unholy trinity to destroy some of America’s major cities.

Not that the Democrats haven’t tried before. But their past actions have been to bring on urban blight and crime by political corruption and statist notions of municipal policy. Now they’ve graduated to actually trying to stop the economic engine that runs cities in reality.

Would you relocate your business to a city where it’s likely to be burned down by anarchists at the drop of a hat, while neutered police stand by helpless? Would you pick up stakes and move to a city where the downtown in closed because half of it was firebombed last night? Would you even visit a city where you and your family could get caught up in a violent insurrection as you’re coming out of your hotel room? The answers are obvious. But it doesn’t stop there.

The economic engines will be further thrown out of gear by those who have had enough of living in this nation’s version of downtown Mogadishu during the early 1990s. Clashing militias, urban warlords, weak and hamstrung police, city government too cowed and politically fashionable to stop or at least contain the overwhelming rot, that is what confronts the citizens of Seattle, Portland, and the rest who have given their own cities over to these low rent Dantons and Robespierres. Why would a sane person stay?

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The consequences for these towns have no doubt already started. Economic stagnation and approaching poverty (except for the effete elite who make sure their enclaves are safe and secure), spiking crime rates, and a national and international reputation for destruction and mayhem are now what they are known for in front of the country and the world. Past glories are forgotten, subsumed under the twisted violent darkness of their streets last night and probably tonight.

Buy then its hard to work up a lot of sympathy here, as these cities voted into office the kind of governments that allow and encourage the mobs. As is said, you reap what you sow. So goes Seattle, so goes Portland…


David Kamioner is a guest contributor.