Yes, in “New America” where leftist cancel culture controls the United States, Republicans are not even allowed to follow the laws and rules of the country.

Say what?

We already know that laws are selectively enforced when Republicans and Trump supporters are involved. 

But now, Republicans can get in trouble for following the rules as well.

Congressional campaign committee employee, Hosseh Enad, received and tweeted out a photo of Republican Senator Ted Cruz not wearing a mask on an American Airlines flight because he was drinking coffee.

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Coffeegate has resulted in American Airlines reviewing Cruz’s conduct even though their own policy says that passengers can take off their mask to eat or drink. 

Twitterverse, of course, exploded with #banTed and #banTedCruz hashtags to stop him from flying on American Airlines.

American Airlines, as of the posting of this article, has not banned Ted Cruz from their flights yet. They have, however, reached out to the senator to remind him of their policy. Remind him about what? He was following their policy.

Not satisfied that he hasn’t been able to cancel either Cruz of American Airlines, Enad is offended and thinks that Cruz is going to start a whole new pandemic. He insists that Cruz needs to put the mask back on in between sips.


Dear Enad…The American Airlines policy says that the mask should be replaced “when you’re done.”

“Done” is subjective. That could be next Tuesday if you don’t mind cold coffee.

Seriously, democrats.

Get a life.