Democratic speaker Nancy Pelosi had a choice a while ago when AOC and the Squad became the spokesgroup for the democratic party. She could squash them or let them continue on their radical way.

Pelosi chose the latter as her strategy to win elections and now she has to live with it.

But is she really winning when the democrat who wins is an uncontrollable marxist?  

As the radical marxist democrats gain more popularity (or at least appear to be popular with the help of the media), they are dragging the democrats into their abyss.

This radical democratic abyss is one of defunding police, having an Antifa BLM militarized arm of the DNC, anti-law and order, open borders, high taxes, free college, the Green New Deal and much other idiocy.

Incumbent New York Rep. Eliot Engel was defeated on Friday by the progressive AOC-backed radical Jamaal Bowman in a primary election. He was also endorsed by radicals Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

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Engel had been the democratic incumbent in his district for 16 terms. The 73 year old establishment democrat had been in Washington for four decades serving New York’s 16th congressional district and also serving Pelosi and the DNC.

Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Governor Cuomo are probably not too happy that they weren’t able to save Engel after using their political capital on their endorsements for him. 

But that’s what happens when you let radicals take over your party with no push back. 

The good news is that I don’t think progressives don’t have much of a chance to win over independent voters when the general election gets here. Their crazy ideas don’t sit well with “normal” people, especially when the normal people see police being assaulted and cities on fire.

When the dems flipped the House in 2018, part of the reason for their victories was because they ran moderates who actually tried to appear conservative in some districts.

And let us not forget who actually got the democratic presidential nomination. The old moderate white guy, Joe Biden. Or at least that’s how he positioned himself in the primaries.

So I hope that the dems keep running the progressives in their primaries so they can get walloped in the November elections where their district is not heavily weighted with democrats. It’ll be lovely to watch.