So I’ve been reading about the newest, much anticipated (yeah right) anti-Trump book, this one written by Mary Trump, President Trump’s niece.

The book is called “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man” and right away I started laughing. 

In many of the “shocking” excerpts I have read, she is talking about Trump’s childhood and even things that happened when he was two-years-old. 

Trump is currently 74 years old. His niece Mary is 55 years old.

That’s almost a 20-year age gap. 

Give me a break, people.

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She obviously wasn’t even born yet when the president was a child – or even when he was in military school.

So when she claims some sort of insight into Trump from spending her youth at the home of President Trump’s parents house in Queens, who cares? He didn’t live there. He wasn’t around since he was shipped off to military school when he was 13. 

Mary was only about seven years old by the time that President Trump took over his family’s real estate business. I’m sure Mary had plenty of “insight” about Trump in those seven years. She knew plenty about Trump’s relationships and life in those seven years while she was playing with her Barbies, right?

If you dig deeper into the information about the book, you FINALLY find out that Mary admits that some of her book is based on her own memory, and in parts she reconstructed some dialogue based on what she was told by some members of the family and others. 


That means it’s not real. Shocking, right?

And who are the “others?”

Perhaps we should call these people, “several sources close to the president” like the leftist media liars do.

You know…the gardeners, the cleaning people, dog walkers, delivery people…

I’m sure that Mary was able to find many anti Trumpers and many Clinton lovers like herself that she was able to connect with who were willing to say anything she wanted them to.

On November 9th, 2016, after Trump won, Mary tweeted, “What a tragedy. I feel like that I lost my country tonight. Hillary Clinton is an extraordinary human being and public servant. That she lost to this is unspeakable.”

So supposedly she’s a psychologist and she has “diagnosed” Trump as a narcissist, among other things. But Crooked Hillary, on the other hand, is just fine and, in fact, extraordinary. 

Where did Mary get her degree? On the back of a Lucky Charms cereal box?

Her true motivation to write the book, aside from her politics, is most likely to make the millions of dollars that she was denied in her lawsuit against the estate of the president’s father. 

She sued because she wanted a 1/5 cut of the money. Her father, Fred, had died and she wanted his share instead of her measly “granddaughter” cut which would only be about $200,000. She had ended up signing an agreement to end the dispute over the will but recently said the agreement was a fraud and that the assets listed weren’t accurate. 

Poor thing. I can see how something like that would cause you to marinate in hatred and resentment all of your life. 

Then, when presented with the opportunity to make a lot of money and all you have to do is write unverified stories and get rich because your name is Trump, well that’s Payday City.

It’s kind of funny that Mary is diagnosing Trump’s mental condition when her own seems to be on shaky ground.

She talked about her uncle receiving “tacit assurances from Russian President Vladimir Putin” and that “Russia would do everything it could to swing the election in his favor.” 

That is not an opinion that points to a sane mind.

There’s a quote in the book that gets right to the point.

Mary says, “I had to take Donald down.”

Good luck, Mary.

Many have tried.

And you are definitely a lightweight in the world of Trump destruction.

If Obama, the CIA and the FBI couldn’t do it, I don’t think you have much of a chance.