Leftist Portland Mayor, who won’t do anything about the terrorists in his city, actually joined the criminals rioting on Wednesday night. 

“Mostly peaceful protesters” were throwing flaming bags of garbage and aiming fireworks at the federal courthouse and were tear gassed by federal forces.

Wheeler was tear gassed as well since he was with the group of terrorists. He went there to show solidarity with the rioters but it didn’t do him a whole lot of good in the PR department in the end except to give fodder to the fake news to run with their main story about Trump’s officers tear-gassing the mayor.

Even though Wheeler told the rioters he stood with them, he was still booed by the crowd who were demanding his resignation because he won’t agree to abolish the police.

He was yelled at by chants of “F*** Ted Wheeler,” “You f***ing scum” and other lovely words and salutations as the rioters threw shrapnel at his feet.

He tried to appease the crowd by acknowledging systematic racism and saying that he had white privilege but that didn’t satisfy them much. They are rioters after all and this was day 56 of their violence.

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Wheeler discussed the tear gassing with the New York Times and said, “I can tell you with 100% honesty I saw nothing that provoked this response.”

The guy is a joke.

The highlight of the event was when Wheeler told the crowd, “I stand with you no matter what.”


So violence, arson, assault, and police attacks are all accepted by Wheeler and he will stand by them no matter what. No boundaries. No rules. No laws needing to be followed. 

That sounded like a green light to me for the rioters to continue their violence with no limitations or fear of consequences.

Violence is now unobjectionable in the new Democratic Fantasyland where the leftists have Trump Derangement Syndrome and are unwilling to impose law and order on their democratic AntifaBLM militia for fear of losing elections.

Wheeler didn’t stand with the rioters for too long though. Once the tear gas was rolled out and protesters went after him, his security team whisked him away.