Fake news CNN continues to refuse to air President Trump’s China virus press conferences because they don’t like the fact that the president talks directly to the people without their fake fact-checking and interpretation of what he says.

The president resumed his coronavirus press conferences on Tuesday but in a better format with just him speaking and not anyone from the task force on “stage.” He spoke for a shorter time, about 40 minutes, and it resulted in a press conference that was informational without being boring, repetitive and interminable.

CNN has decided that their viewers didn’t need to hear the president’s remarks but they did air the self-serving ending where the journalists were asking questions.

Fake news CNN proves every day that they aren’t a real news outlet. They are a propaganda machine much like they have in China.

CNN chooses what their listeners get to hear about which in this case is not what the president said. It’s their fraudulent version of what he said.

CNN guest Dr. Ashish Jha, Dean of Brown University School of Public Health said, “There was a certain amount of misinformation about how great America is doing.”

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CNN’s Jim Acosta and Wolf Blitzer took a very very close look at Trump’s claims during the briefing and Acosta said, “It was one inconsistency after another.”

The CNN Twitter account kept up with the same narrative for the day and said that Trump “continued to make some of the same false claims and promote some of the same misleading narratives from before.”

CNN has obviously decided that their editorial comments pass as news because that’s all they do now.

They are also very good at using the virus for their political convenience. 

The virus is a good tool for freaking people out and shut downs and keeping schools closed but they can also hide the virus for a few weeks when their terrorist protesters need to spread chaos and violence in the streets.