The Los Angeles Unified School District announced on Monday that they wouldn’t be opening the schools for any in-person learning and would be offering an online-only education starting August 18th. The Superintendent promised to add more “robust” distance learning opportunities than there were in the Spring.

This happened after the democratic school union in Los Angeles decided to write up a list of demands they wanted to happen before school started again.

Who needs to wait legislation or voting when you can use criminal mob behavior to get things done?

The teachers union decided to release a paper called “The Same Storm, but Different Boats: The Safe and Equitable Conditions for Starting LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) in 2020-21.”

Did the teachers union focusing solely on student and teacher safety in order to get students back to school? Was it a priority? 

When do you think the country should re-open and get back to work?

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Not really. They have other things they need to get done.

The teachers union in Los Angeles, in a 17-page report, is concerned about broader societal conditions and they want to take advantage of the pandemic to push their political agendas. 

In the report, they complain about the country choosing profits over people and say the Trump administration is forcing people to return to work which increases risks for black and brown communities.

They explain how the pandemic has highlighted the “profoundly racist, innately unequal society” and say that whites have been shielded from the worse of the pandemic’s effects.

Their demands include a federal bailout, Medicare for All, a Wealth Tax, a Millionaire Tax, Defunding the Police, a Moratorium on Charter Schools, Financial Support for Illegal Aliens and more.

Former Obama Chief of Staff and former Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, must be proud. The democrats seem to have grabbed on to his former comments as a mantra. He said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

The coronavirus has been given democrats ample opportunity to push every agenda in the world that they have ever wanted.