There have been all kinds of things out there in the past six months or so that have looked like an apocalyptic plan to take out the human race.

I’ve been documenting many of those things. COVID-19, the Bubonic Plague, locusts, the Saharan dust sandstorm, the asteroid, hurricanes, fires, the toilet paper shortage and just recently I found out about billions of flying ants in the U.K.

Luckily, the large swarm of flying ants aren’t coming after us. They’re not a new sign of end times They’re just hooking up with each other.

What meteorologists had thought was rain turned out to be a swarm of flying ants. There were so many of them that they were picked up on radar in the United Kingdom. It was about 50 miles long.

Turns out that the ants have no sinister motives to attack anyone and it was not another occurrence to fret about as a sign for the possible end of the world.

The event is what most call “Flying Ant Day,” something that happens once a year in the United Kingdom.

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On this day, billions of ants leave their nests to go out and look for some action. They don’t have any dating websites to sign up for so they have to go about their business the old fashioned way, by flying around. 

It’s a breeding frenzy among the ant masses. According to The Sun, the ants sprout their wings and head out for a “nuptial flight.” They look for a mate and then land to start new colonies.

The U.K.’s Royal Society of Biology says that ants contribute a lot throughout their lives including aerating soil and recycling nutrients back into the earth. They say the ant’s activity “allows for more oxygen and water to reach the roots of plants and they can even improve soil fertility and help control pests.”

The Royal Society of Biology Flying Ant Survey found that the ants are not harmful and it’s best to leave them alone as they’ll fly off in a few hours.

Too bad the swarms of democrats won’t do the same.