Here is the real story out of Florida that is NOT being reported in any of the traditional news outlets that I can find. It’s only a matter of time before an otherwise indoctrinated member of the media- pretending to be a journalist falls face first into this.

The mass media hysteria is over the headlines, “Florida is out of control”, and there’s a “lack of leadership.” It is being pushed by every dishonest news outlet, which by the way, is almost all of them. People like Donna Shalala former Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Bill Clinton now is a member of Congress representing some rather unfortunate souls in Florida.

The problem with the mass hysteria and headlines is that they seem to be completely missing what should be a terrific headline. One has to wonder why reporters are missing the story. Is it because they are ignoring it, they are incompetent, they don’t want to believe it, or they are just getting their news from social media like millions of others?

Here are the facts.

Florida has had roughly 150,000 people test positive for the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 over the past 2-weeks, that part is true but that’s where a good bit of the critical reporting stops.

You see according to state hospital census data on July 5th there were 1,246 adult ICU beds available in The Sunshine State or just over 20% sitting empty.  Two weeks later, and in the middle of the surge panic, on July 19th there were 1,146 adult ICU beds available in Florida or just over 18%.

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That’s right, the number of ICU beds being used at a time the media is screaming breathlessly about the end of the world and the failure of leadership- the total number of adult ICU beds, with 150,000 new positive tests, in a state of 22-million people has increased by exactly 100 patients.

By the way that is .06% of those that tested positive ending up in ICU but of course that number may well be lower because some of those patients may have tested positive before July 5th.

This is the real story of Florida and it creates a host of important questions that are not being pursued. For example, what is Florida doing that is keeping people out of the ICU? Are there medical breakthroughs? Are young people recovering at home? Are treatments becoming more effective or is the virus becoming less vicious?

If we wait for so-called professional reporters to ask these questions, we may never know the answers.

That’s why I make you aware of these important statistics, because with that many people testing positive in Florida and so few people ending up with bad outcomes, it means immunity to the virus is growing.

Florida is not the only place seeing positive trends in the most recent outbreaks. Southeast Texas and Arizona are now both down more than 10% from peak numbers with intubations and intensive care also dropping in both states.

Don’t expect the mainstream media to tell you any of that however because they believe with all their heart that Covid-19 might be the only thing that can cure their own overwhelming cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

I expect TDS to break out in clusters all over the nation again on November 4th. The second wave of TDS could much more debilitating than the first.

Trust me on that.