The democrats like to pretend we don’t live in the world that we do if the optics are bad for their party.

Right now, they are pretending that we can’t go on Twitter and You Tube and see the antics and criminality of the democratic AntifaBLM terrorists in Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Chicago and other cities across the country.

Democratic Rep. out of New York Jerry Nadler actually says the whole thing is a myth being spread in Washington DC.

Meanwhile, frozen water bottles, rocks, lasers, explosives, fireworks, bricks, bats and more are being used as weapons for the democratic militia I refer to as the AntifaBLM. It’s all over Twitter.

Because the democratic mayors and governors aren’t doing much at all about the insurrections taking place around the country, these terrorists are inspired by the democrat party to continue to commit assault, arson and even murder. 

Have the democrats come out en masse to condemn this behavior? 

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Have they called a press conference and stood side by side with the republicans calling for an end to the violence?

Heck no. Of course not. 

Because it’s the democrat supporters who are the criminals.

President Trump has sent in federal officers in some situations and the democrats have gleefully decided that showing pictures of the feds in camo chasing after the AntifaBLM terrorists is actually good public relations for “their side” by telling everyone that this is “Trump’s America.”

If, by Trump’s America, they mean trying to instill law and order among assault, arson and insurrection, then yes, that IS Trump’s America because he is protecting American citizens and property from the democratic AntifaBLM terrorists. 

Instead of the leftist media showing the AntifaBLM burning down cities and assaulting cops, they show the feds chasing the terrorists – like it’s a bad thing. 

I think the democrats have lost their minds. They actually think they’re going to win elections while their supporters riot in the streets, set fires and go after police.

The democrats and their leftist media friends have been controlling the narrative for so long they actually think that they can get away with this fairytale about how imposing law and order is somehow worse than the AntifaBLM terrorism happening in our cities.

Meanwhile, in the real world, at the Portland federal courthouse over the weekend, the AntifaBLM threw molotov cocktails toward federal officers and the police found a cache of ready-made incendiary devices and fully loaded magazines, according to Andy Ngo, an editor at The Post Millennial.

Who needs Trump rallies or Facebook ads when you have the democratic AntifaBLM terrorists advertising for the Trump campaign every day?

A political party who does not condemn their terrorist militia spray-painting “Until the police and ICE are abolished, we will burn this city down piece by piece” on a federal courthouse is not a party who is going to win a presidential election.