We all know that the polls with Biden being ahead of Trump are a joke. If they were true, the democrats wouldn’t be acting the way they’ve been acting lately, still giving it everything they have into their all-out effort to beat Trump.

We also all know that Trump is going to win as long as the elections are fair. And that’s where mail-in voting comes in. 

The democrats have been doing their “the sky in falling” game about the coronavirus lately with the help of their leftist media friends. 

It’s a two-fold effort and it all has to do with the election in November. 

They want to suppress the economy and they want to push mail-in voting because it’s the way they will try to cheat to win their elections, especially the big one against Trump.

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When you have cheating and the problems that will arise from mail-in voting, the results will, most likely, not be known on the night of the election and will also, most likely, result in legal action from Trump.

Because that’s what you do when people cheat and lie. You fight. You sue.

Knowing this, the democrats are getting out in front of what’s coming by having their minions cry and moan about Trump not going quietly from The White House because he’s going to claim the election was illegitimate because of mail-in voting.

Well, duh.

He’s obviously not going to let the democrats try to cheat him out of the presidency again, especially after their failed coup against him.

The latest loser to whine about Trump and mail-in voting is Crooked Hillary.

She was on Trevor Noah’s show on Monday, pushing the fake Russia hoax again by talking about foreign interference in the upcoming election and also spouting off about the democrats voter suppression hoax.

Clinton said, “‘There isn’t that problem (mail-in voter fraud). All the games that are played … to try and keep the vote down – that’s the real danger to the integrity of our election, that combined with disinformation and misinformation and all the online shenanigans we saw in 2016.”

Shenanigans in 2016. LOL. That’s pretty funny. 

The only “shenanigans” that went on was the coup against Trump. 

THAT was the election interference.

So, yes, it looks like the democrats are planning to cheat. This pre-emptive complaining by Hillary proves it.

She also went on to say that if Trump wins fairly, they’ll accept it.

Yeah right.

They certainly did that in 2016, didn’t they?