We don’t want to live in the democrat’s America and they don’t want to live in ours.

The solution is right in front of us. We need to divide the country into two states. 

Left and right. Conservatives and liberals. RINOS go on the liberal side.

And when dividing the country, we can do it either left to right (west/east) or top to bottom (north/south).

I don’t care too much about which way it’s done but I think having the west side would be better for us because we’d have a lot of land to build factories and farms. Plus we have the oil there.

Liberals obviously aren’t going to want to work in any physical jobs so they can just pack themselves into big cities in apartments on the east coast and stay quarantined in their masks in their living rooms.

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I think our side could be Texas north to Minnesota and everything west. Our capitol can be Denver, Colorado, in the middle of everything. We can still be called the United State of America because that is who we still are. The liberals can call themselves whatever they want.

I’ve given this a lot of thought and I bet if you polled America about this idea, about 80%+ would be on board. 

Yes, some people will be upset giving up their ocean front property or the farm that’s been in their family for 200 years. 

But just think about all we would gain.

We would have a constitutional republic and there would be fair and equal justice and law and order. There would be LOW LOW taxes and not much regulation. You could start that business that you’ve always wanted to start.

Your daughter could have a lemonade stand without getting a permit!

We’d have closed borders and economic opportunity.

We’d get rid of all of the bad Supreme Court decisions and bad laws and start from scratch all over again with the Bill of Rights, Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

We’d have all the things we were promised when the country was founded. The democrats have destroyed most of it. We could start over without their demonic meddling.

We get all of the airplanes and cars (they don’t want global warming). We also get the military and the aircraft carriers (they don’t want to fight anyone).

We get the police since they hate them so much. We get the American flag because they hate that too. It’ll just have 24 stars instead of 50. See how generous we are. They get two extra states. Free of charge.

They can have all the schoolteachers because we don’t want all of their liberal teachers brainwashing our kids. We’ll start over with factual history books and better teachers.

We’ll have fair elections, better health care options, freedom and liberty.

We would have part-time legislatures, term limits and minimal pay to be a politician.

What will they have? Not much because they hate America and their politicians are corrupt and greedy and want to control everyone and everything.

They won’t have a constitution because they don’t want to give the people any rights. They’ll just have rules and taxes, edicts and fines, threats and lists of people who don’t comply with their rules that must be dealt with. They’ll steal money from any business that has any and hand it over to the politicians and the voters they are trying to bribe.

What am I saying? They won’t be having an elections. Silly me.

We can have a demilitarized zone where we can visit our liberal relatives because we will have to keep them off our lawn.

There would be swift justice for any infiltrators or saboteurs from the other side.

There will, however, be “legal” immigration for those who have seen the light and understand that living under democratic rule brings about the death of freedom and prosperity. It will take these foreigners at least five years to enter our state after strict conditions are met. 

In addition to many hoops they will have to jump through, they will have to show they are willing to contribute to our state and be able answer correctly 50 random questions about American history. They will also have to pay a an “idiot” tax the first ten years that they live in our state to make up for their past transgressions.

I predict their state would fall apart quickly. Maybe within a year. High taxation, crime, censorship, open borders, the Green New Deal, government run health care, $15 minimum wage, and a government controlled media would contribute to their failed state.

It’s a ticket to disaster just like a Joe Biden presidency.