Ever since I started seeing the repugnant Twitter posts from Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George, calling the President Trump incompetent, stupid, mentally unstable, a narcissist, and all kinds of names, I’ve wondered what’s going on with the Conways.

George is the husband of President Trump’s counselor, Kellyanne Conway, who has been on board with him throughout his first campaign and his presidency, a rare feat.

But why exactly has she lasted so long in the White House with a husband who makes money off trying to defeat the president and other republicans? 

This is a guy who calls the president disgusting names and undermines his wife’s job.

George has pushed impeachment, the Russia Hoax, the Ukrainian hoax and every other democrat fairy tail out there. 

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And George is not just playing. Going after Trump isn’t just a hobby. He’s involved in the Lincoln Project with other never-Trumpers including vile Sarah Palin hater, Steve Schmidt.

So my two main questions have always been… Why is Kellyanne still married to this guy and why hasn’t the president fired Kellyanne? 

President Trump has fired people for far less atrocities than having an abhorrent husband so why has Kellyanne been able to weather and storm and still work for the president as his counselor and spokesperson? The president must trust her.

That just gives me more questions…

Is this all just a set-up through Trump so that George appears to be an anti-Trumper? 


Is their marriage about the almighty dollar with them playing both sides so they’ll always have the money rollin’ in? 

Are they feeding each other information? 

False information? 

Is one of them a leaker? And leaking to who? 

Or maybe their marriage is more of a business arrangement?

Kellyanne seems like a strong woman. Why would she put up with a husband who undermines her job? I sure wouldn’t. Kicked to the curb isn’t a strong enough phrase as to what would have happened to my husband long ago if he acted like George does.

And why is it that the media never seems to ask Kellyanne about her husband’s actions and how they affect her job and her marriage? Why is that question off-limits by both liberal and conservative media people?

My questions abound and will continue to do so.

I hope Trump is watching his back.

The Trump plan that was devised by the Conways might have only had a four-year shelf life.