After September 11th, 2001, the police and firefighters were the most loved and revered people in our country – maybe even on the planet, especially the ones from NYC. They risked their lives to save the lives of the people in their communities and each other. They didn’t hesitate to put the lives of others before theirs. Something they do every day. 

Today, the media’s relentless coverage of the George Floyd protests and support of the vitriol against the police is fueling hatred for police all over the country. 

The police have more than 365 million interactions with the public every year. One police officer might come in contact with 20 people or situations during just one shift. They are part parent, part cop, part social worker, part disciplinarian, part detective. They go to work every day to help people, even those who aren’t “innocent.” 

In the extreme cases, they will read someone their rights and cuff them because they deserve it. They committed a crime. They molested a child, they assaulted someone, they murdered an ex-girlfriend. 

And added to an already difficult job, police have to deal with a large percentage of people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, acting crazy and dangerous to themselves and others. 

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There are a lot more good cops than bad ones. The media tries to tell everyone that ALL protesters aren’t bad and they shouldn’t be judged as a group because of a few arsonists, looters and murderers. Well, all police officers shouldn’t be judged as a group either based on what a small percentage of them do. 

The radical leftists are pushing a narrative that our country is full of bad and racist police officers. That is simply not the case. These leftists and their media friends are doing damage to the safety of our country and putting good police officers in more danger than ever. 

In addition to the police offers being called heroes because of their actions on September 11th, as the COVID-19 crisis took hold, the country also hailed the medical personnel, police and firefighters as heroes, essential workers who were keeping the country going. 

How quickly things changed because of one video on the internet, organized rioting by Antifa and Black Lives Matters and a media campaign obviously coordinated with the democrats to vilify the police so that they have another political election strategy to push forward. 

The police are now battling the virus, the media and their own citizens in addition to outside forces. Anarchists in NYC have been leaving caches of bricks and rocks and other weapons in the streets to further the violence. 

NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan described what his officers have had to endure. He said, “I’m watching my men and women out there dealing with stuff that no cop should ever have to deal with – bricks, bottles, rocks. They get hit in the face with bottles and continue to go forward to make an arrest.” 

During the rioting disguised as George Floyd protests, more than 700 police officers were injured, almost 300 of them from the NYPD. 

The media has been loathsome in their coverage of the occupation Seattle as well. They are describing it as a love-fest with poetry readings and a commune-like atmosphere. To them, the “kidnapping” of the citizens inside of the CHAZ area is not a concern. It’s not a concern of the mayor either. She doesn’t seem to care at all about anyone trapped within CHAZ. 

To many officers in Seattle, the takeover of part of their city was a last straw. Some are leaving the police force AND the city. They’re been afraid to go out in public with their families and don’t recognize their country anymore. 

A police offer in Seattle recently wrote a letter about how things changed after the Seattle occupation of the Capitol Hill part of the city. 

The police officer said, “Yesterday I was a hero, today I have a bullseye on my back. I’ve been a cop for [several] years, and I’ve never felt so alienated by my community. I can’t go through a drive- through, and I’m scared to order at a restaurant in uniform. I’m scared because I don’t know who is going to spit in my food because they hate my uniform. It doesn’t matter who I am as a person, the second I put on my uniform, I’m just a target.” 

He explained his job by saying, “For those who forget what we do every day, let me tell you about what I’ve done nearly every day of my career. I’ve arrested men who have beaten women for no reason. I’ve arrested people for chronically stealing from local businesses. I’ve arrested people for robbery, rape, burglary, assault, driving drunk and high. These arrests are made to keep the community safe. It’s not just when they get caught, they repeatedly victimize all of us. Everyone I work with (yes…everyone) are well-intentioned people with the highest level of integrity. We all condemn what happened in Minneapolis. It was wrong. No reasonable person is defending them, even cops. If you want to fundamentally destroy our country keep it up. Cops are walking off the job. Cops are being assaulted for wearing a uniform, and being murdered in ambush style assaults because why? People are instigated into believing a narrative about them which is just simply false.” 

Please read the rest of his letter. It’s very powerful.. 

Conservative Fox news commentator and podcast talk show host, Dan Bongino, recently went to Capitol Hill to testify about what is needed to reform policing in America. Bongino is also a past police officer and Secret Service Agent. He is disgusted with the current treatment of police officers in the media, the rioting and the defund the police movement. He also compared the police of September 11th as being the same police we have now. Their intent, heart and goals of their job are no different. 

When testifying, he said, “The special agents I worked with, and remain friends with to this day, in the Secret Service joined members of the NYPD and New York City Fire Department on that tragic day of September 11 2001, and what they did, they sprinted into those burning buildings and personally escorted people out. As we all know, those buildings collapsed, taking many of those brave NYPD and FDNY souls with them. Those brave souls were running into the buildings. Everyone else was evacuating. These are the types of people I was honored and deeply privileged to work with. The defund the police movement will target these heroes.” 

He continued, “They are the police, these people. It’s not some amorphous mass that will be affected, it’s real heroes, in real time, right now. Removing these heroes from your communities and my community will do nothing but ensure chaos and destruction. Police officers are the front lines, putting themselves between the evil-doers among us, and the honest, hard-working Americans just yearning for some security and prosperity and a small slice of Americana. We can, and should, commit to 

police accountability, there’s no question about that, but we can do it without shredding the thin wall between civilization and chaos.” 

He ended his testimony saying, “I ask you please, with the greatest of respect and humility, please stop this Defund the Police abomination before someone gets hurt.” 

Trump also has the backs of the police officers. At a meeting in Dallas on Thursday with faith and community leaders, Trump said, “Unfortunately there are some that are trying to stoke division and to push an extreme agenda, which we won’t go for, that will only produce more poverty, more crime, more suffering. We’ll take care of our police, we’re not defunding the police. If anything ,we’re going to other route,” he said. “We’re going to make sure that our police are well trained, perfectly trained, and have the best equipment.” 

How long are we going to let the media, the 20-year old Antifa/Black Lives Matter leftist mob and their inept and corrupt democrat supporters destroy our country and make us more unsafe?