The democrats and their leftist media buddies have been very supportive of the BLM protests during the pandemic because it is for a good cause. The politicians haven’t been concerned at all about the virus spreading even though they’ve been arresting law-abiding people for going to the beach, going to a park and opening their businesses. 

But what we didn’t know is that they seem to have a plan. They’re not going to allow the protesters to be blamed by any virus spikes that might arise. 

New York Democratic Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, decided that he doesn’t really care about where and how the virus spreads in his city. He cares about protecting the protesters. 

de Blasio has ordered contract tracers NOT to ask anyone with the virus if they’ve been to a George Floyd protest. 

Seems logical. Why try to find out where and how the virus is spreading even though that is actually the goal of contact tracing. 

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de Blasio spokesperson Avery Cohen told the City media outlet, ”No person will be asked proactively if they attended a protest. Contact tracing workers have been instructed to only ask COVID-positive individuals general questions to help them ‘recall contacts’ and individuals they have have exposed.” 

Protest attendees can volunteer their information about being involved in the protests and where they were – but they don’t have to share the information if they don’t feel like it. 

So there is no real concern about the pandemic at all, at least not publicly, when there are democrat politics that need to take precedence. Precedence over the lives of the people in New York City. 

Not that we didn’t already know that. 

We’ve been lied to since the beginning of the pandemic about what has been going on. Scare tactics and false reporting were used to keep states on lockdown as long as possible. We still don’t have the “real” numbers about how dangerous the virus is to us because we don’t have an accurate count of how many of the people died in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. And they’ve been padding the numbers to include anyone dying WITH COVID-19 as a coronavirus death. Not cool. 

Politicians who are willing to politicize a pandemic will do anything they need to do to get their political power. Anything. 

Although, again, it’s something a lot of us already know.