That’s right, Michigan. Employers, take notice. Have you called up an employee to tell them that you’re open again and the 20-year-twerp says, “No, dude, I’m staying home. I’m making a lot of money from unemployment.”

Well, sorry, dude, but that doesn’t fly. Telling your boss that you can’t make as much money working as you are making staying at home on the couch isn’t going to keep you living the life of luxury in your living room.

Michigan business owners can’t get their employees to come back to work because they’re living high on the hog with their extra $600 a week that the democrats put in the CARES Act to keep the economy down and help Biden win the election.

NEWSFLASH: You can’t refuse to go back to your job because of the extra money you are getting from the state and still qualify for unemployment.

So get back to work.

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Who says so? Your Michigan government says so, led by your favorite Democratic Governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

The website for the Michigan Dept. of Labor and Economic Opportunity says “employees who refuse to return to work because they would prefer to continue to collect benefits or their currently weekly benefit amount is higher than their regular wages are not eligible to continue receiving unemployment benefits.”

So, sorry Charlie. And Matthew. And Gloria. And all of you Karens out there. You’re either going to have to go back to work, learn to live on Spam or go back to mom and dad’s basement. Here it is in black and white if you don’t believe me.’

Since you are getting your special $600 a week from the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency, who in turn gets reimbursed from the federal government, if you lose your eligibility for unemployment money in Michigan, you lose your federal money too. I know. It’s really unfair, isn’t it? So sorry.

So my advice to all of you employers out there who are getting screwed over by employees who don’t care if your business goes down in flames: Give them 24 hours to decide. Tell them they can come back to work or you’ll report them to the Unemployment Insurance Agency and they’ll get nothing.

By the way, employers can notify the Agency of their employee’s refusal to return to suitable work online using their MIWAM Account so that a fact specific inquiry into the situation can be started.