What do you do when you have a horrible candidate running for president and you might go to jail for your crimes in your coup against President Trump? 

You’ve got to come up with a winning strategy, no matter the cost to the country. 

When the democrats wanted to get Obama in office, we just happened to coincidentally have an economic crisis in September 2008 right before the election. Surprise, surprise. 

That kind of gaming has led some of us to wonder what the democrats are planning for the next few months to get rid of Trump and slide corrupt creepy senile Joe Biden into office. 

For the democrats, Trump seems to be like the Energizer Bunny. He keeps going and going…. He’s the Teflon Man. Things seem to slide off him. 

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So drastic action is needed. 

The polling looks bad for Trump right now but these are the same liars who predicted a Clinton landslide so I don’t pay too much attention to them. 

I live in the midwest and talk to real people – people who are sick of the crap that the democrats and media are trying to pull. The Trump supporters are still Trump supporters and quite a few independents and non-voters I’ve talked to are also going to vote for Trump this time. 

Leftists have always been leftists and won’t vote for Trump. 

So I’m curious what voters Biden is gaining that Hillary didn’t have? I don’t think he’ll get any more votes from the Bernie Bros. than Hillary did. 

When their coup against Trump didn’t work with their Russia scam, the democrats decided to paint him as a racist and sue him over everything he did. They also used their leftist media friends to complain about everything he said and did regardless of what it was. 

It’s been a “bitch campaign” since Trump took his oath of office (actually it started well before that). 

Now they have possibly the worst democratic presidential candidate ever. Joe Biden is lackluster as a candidate. He has no real “supporters” who are energized about his campaign. 

Biden is corrupt, he’s creepy and he appears to be senile, which is why, even though he’s the only candidate running, it took him quite a while to get enough delegates to secure the democratic nomination. 

Biden only has the votes of people who hate Trump, not people who are excited at the prospect of having Biden as a president. 

Apparently, the democrats no longer think being anti-Trump is a good enough strategy anymore. 

So what’s a party to do under these circumstances? Well, you have to come up with very strong plan. 

Phase 1: The impeachment. 

The democrats knew it would never make it through the Senate but it was a good marketing trick and they can call Trump the “impeached President.” 

Phase 2: The pandemic. 

The democrats decided to use pandemic to their advantage and boy did they ever do it well. 

They got friendly democratic governors to lock down their states and kill their economies. Surely people won’t vote for Trump if his crowning achievement – the economy – is under water. 

The democrats also spent lots and lots of our taxpayer dollars for things like handing out exorbitant amounts of unemployment money so people won’t go back to work. 

They imposed draconian rules at the state and local level on people and businesses, getting many of their dreams accomplished like closing churches and gun stores. There was no limit to their unchecked and illegal powers. 

Phase 3. Rioting. 

Again, the democrats saw another crisis to take advantage of and supported the rioters under the guise of being woke anti-racists. 

I’m sure that they must have a feeling of accomplishment when they look at the TV and see America on fire and they try to blame Trump for it. 

The democrats have many dastardly things planned for the next five months. We know this. There is cheat-by-mail strategy and other fun tricks they have up their sleeves. 

If they were willing to implement Phase 1, 2 and 3 to get rid of Trump, it’s hard to imagine what other corrupt, disgusting, damaging and dangerous things they have planned through November. I only hope our country survives their treasonous and self-serving behavior.