Although I would endorse the president using the insurrection act and the use of military against the armed occupation of the Capitol Hill district in Seattle, Washington, which Trump may be thinking about, there is another effective route to go – you shut down their water, electric, cell phone coverage (oh no!), food delivery and everything else you can think of. 

Actually, shutting down their cell phones might be effective just on it’s own. How would these 20 year olds function? 

The weak and incompetent Democrat mayor, Jenny Durkan, gave up the area to the anarchists on Monday and they were more than happy to take it over, including businesses, about 500 homes and a police precinct. 

What’s happening is armed insurrection. An occupation. No different than if ISIS members got together and took over a part of a city. It isn’t acceptable anywhere and it needs to quashed before copycat anarchists do the same in other cities. 

These anarchists are made up of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other leftist groups mixed in. They’ve taken over about six blocks of Seattle’s Capitol Hill district and renamed it “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” or CHAZ. 

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The best way out of this, in my opinion, is to make it difficult to live in the area, enough so that the residents there take back their neighborhood from the leftist terrorists when they get sick of not having air conditioning, text messaging or Facebook. Surely the anarchists can’t be the only one with guns. 

Laughably, the New York Times is calling this takeover a combination of a festival and a commune with poetry readings and peaceful speeches. Seriously, NYT? You are REALLY over the edge, psychologically speaking. It’s an occupation. Part of a city has been taken over by anarchists and you’re talking about poetry? 

What’s funny is that the anarchists have basically installed a “wall” around their area. What would the illegal aliens think? And whatever happened to all of the whining about the illegals anyway? Have the democrats forgot all about them drinking out of toilets? 

The reason we are in this situation is the same reason the country is on fire – democrats. The democrats can’t control their cities, and in most cases, I don’t think that they want to. 

In some cases, the democrats are on the side of the anarchists. Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant marched with the protesters, calling for the resignation of Mayor Jenny Durkan and the defunding of the Seattle Police Department. 

I say give the anarchists in CHAZ what they want. Make them autonomous. They can provide for themselves. They can dig holes for outhouses, grow their own food and use matches and candles for light and heat. Take away all utilities and services. 

City Hall doesn’t seem to care that terrorists have taken over part of the city. Seattle Police Officers Guild President Michael Solan said, “The city has lost all the political will to enforce the rule of law. There is an unreasonable, activist fringe that is unfortunately stealing the peaceful protest message 

for justice for George Floyd, and then now, they are occupying over a six-block area of the city of Seattle. It is absolutely unreasonable activism. There is a tug-of-war at city hall for control, and police are stuck in the middle, and now look what happened. We’ve lost a precinct. Now, what’s next? Are we going to lose another precinct? The city council has removed our ability to have less lethal munitions for us to properly protect those facilities and protect ourselves. That has now been taken away. So, what’s left? How are we supposed to defend the rest of those precincts?” 

By the way, the Democratic Governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, didn’t even know it was going on in his own state when asked about it –and when he found out, he laughed about it and didn’t seem to think it’s an issue he needs to fix. What about the National Guard? No, he thinks the problem is up to the local authorities to solve. 

Maybe someone didn’t tell Inslee about a video of the crime going on in CHAZ. Maybe he doesn’t know about the rapper named Raz Simone who President Trump calls a “warlord.” Simone has been reportedly controlling the area with his AK-47 and pistol and screaming, “This is war!” into a megaphone, with his pals guarding the barricades for him. Maybe Inslee doesn’t know about the video where Simone was assaulting protesters who disobeyed his orders calling himself “the police.” 

So incompetent Inslee didn’t know he had an open revolt in his state, laughed when he heard about it and didn’t pledge to put it down. He said, “I’m sure that people will find a way to have public safety everywhere in the state.” 

Yep. Not his problem. That is today’s democratic party for you, folks. 

The chaos and instability is everything the democrats have ever wanted. It helps them secure the youth and black voting base, country be damned. The democrats are the head of the snake. 

Inslee doesn’t seem concerned about the takeover of the police precinct either. What about evidence being destroyed? What about the anarchists having access to information about the residents in the area? What about the the report of anarchists shaking down businesses in the area for “protection?” 

I guess the people will find a way to have public safety everywhere in the state. 

Whatever the F that means.