You can’t blame Hoppy the Wallaby for wanting to get out and see people. Being on lockdown for months can be very stressful so he took advantage of an open gate and explored his Franklin, Wisconsin neighborhood

Looking for some new faces and possibly foraging for some new snacks might have been on his agenda as Hoppy traveled the new lawns around the suburb. 

Wallabies are herbivores and their diet consists of grasses, vegetables, leaves and other foliage. He probably wanted to see what else the neighborhood had to offer. A Wallaby needs a littler variety now and then. 

Hoppy lives with his owners in Franklin, Wisconsin and most of the time he’s in an enclosed area at their house. But owner, Mark Combs, forgot to secure the area and Hoppy saw an opportunity when the family dog helped him escape. 

Combs said, “I was doing the koi poi and forgot to latch the latch. One of the dogs pushed it open and they all went for a walk.” 

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Hoppy the Wallaby looks like a kangaroo but is smaller, only about two foot tall. They lifespan of a Wallaby varies by species but it ranges from about 7 to 18 years. They can also vary in size with some species as small as a rabbit. Their powerful hind legs not only help them jump high and at high speeds, but also helps them to give forceful kicks when fending off predators. 

It’s definitely not something you’d expect to see hopping around in Wisconsin but that’s what happened on Tuesday, surprising many neighbors. The marsupial is native to Australia, not Wisconsin. 

Combs and his wife took care of Hoppy after they bought him from an exotic dealer. Combs said, “I wouldn’t say (he was) really neglected, but not well taken care of, and we decided that we were gonna take him, and bring him a part of our family, and healed him up and everything’s good.” 

It’s unclear whether Hoppy was able to get a haircut, grab a salad or stop by the gym during his excursion with many businesses still restricted or closed.