There’s a violent democrat insurgency across our country by a combination of forces – elected democrats, the media, Black Lives Matter, the Antifa Bernie Bros. and useful idiots who think they are protesting a great cause when they’re really assisting with the destruction of America.

What we have is communist revolution of 20-year-old anti-American groups fusing together like terrorists do in the Middle East when they have a common enemy. 

Yes, their current enemy is Donald Trump but he is just the biggest, easiest target to go after. Their main prize is America. They hate America and anyone who is pro-American, pro-constitution, pro-police and pro-law and order. They want chaos. They want to “remake” America just like Obama told us was their goal years ago.

They are setting their country on fire and trying to force their leftist marxist communist agenda on the rest of us. The death of George Floyd was just a trigger for the leftist anarchists to get together. But it isn’t about Floyd and it’s not even about any racial issues. It’s about a bunch of communists destroying the country.

In many democrat-ran cities, counties and states, these terrorists are free to be looters, arsonists and even murderers because the democrats don’t want to upset their leftist voters. So these “protesters” are given a free pass to commit crimes, take over cities and do what they want. 

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The law-abiding citizens, the taxpayers, are on their own. Just like we are when criminal illegal aliens come into our communities. The illegals have the right to be here. They are oppressed and we must accept open borders. Now we must accept leftists Americans terrorizing the country with no repercussions.

So what do people do when they can’t count on the government or their police for law and order? They take matters into their own hands.

Guns. The second amendment. Gun sales are skyrocketing, many guns bought by first-time gun owners. In May, firearm sales went up 78% over 2019. People who didn’t think about getting a gun in the past are going to gun stores.

First time gun buyer, Angel Rambert, went in to get her first gun in Atlanta on Monday because of the unrest in her city. She said, “During the times we’re living in, you just never know what might happen.”

Even in small cities, peaceful places, people are buying guns. Because unrest can come to these small towns just like everywhere else.

Over the years, I’ve had a combination of weapons available because I’m a woman and will get what I need to get to defend myself…a billy club my dad gave me more than 30 years ago (no, I don’t care if it’s legal or not), pepper spray, and currently a baseball bat for my travels.

I also currently have a shotgun with buckshot shells but it’s hard to find shells. I have two. I’m looking into acquiring a pistol soon.

But the real reason I know that the democrats have jumped the shark with their violence is that my mom talked with me recently about getting a gun. 

This is a liberal in her ’70’s (but with tea party tendencies on local issues) who has, up until now, thought the wasp spray in her house and the swords from past relatives would be good enough protection. She’s even worried about me, and I live in a relatively peaceful small town. 

I am very lucky to live in an area that’s very similar to the town that I grew up in was in the 1980’s. Pretty safe and far removed from the crime and hostility of the bigger cities in downstate Michigan. I’ll still be getting a gun though. I see how crazy the democrats are and their willingness to do anything to be in power.

My mom lives in the Lansing area so I’m glad she has changed her mind and will get a handgun. Especially since Black Lives Matter seems to think they can close streets in Lansing and point guns at people and the police do nothing.

The lying leftist media keeps calling the protests “mostly peaceful” but the people who don’t live in a CNN liberal bubble know differently. The democrats are supporting the chaos so it will most likely continue through the election.

There is anarchy and lawlessness all over the country and the police aren’t pushing back much, either because of stand-down orders from their government or because they don’t want to be the latest police officer put on trial.

As it often is, the constitution is our salvation. Our protection from the people who want to do us and our country harm. And it’s the very thing the protesters are trying to get rid of because it stands in their way to get what they want.