The democrats like to pretend they care about solving problems, even for their own voters. But that’s just simply not true. 

The Senate has come up with a police reform bill called the “Justice Act,” shaped by black senator Tim Scott, but the democrats could care less. 

It’s a historic time in our history where there could be real changes that would be good for the police and American citizens as well. But the democrats will have none of that. And they certainly don’t want republicans getting any credit for any police reform.

Democratic leader Chuck Schumer had promised to block the bill and he came through on his promise on Wednesday. He had said, “It will never get 60 votes” which means that it won’t move forward. And it didn’t.

That’s because the democrats prefer the country to continue to be in turmoil so that they use that turmoil to help them win their elections in November. This way, they can promise they care and assure their supporters they will help them in the future while the fires, arsons, rioting and assaults continue.

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Scott said of the democrats opposition to the bill, “This is more about campaign rhetoric and presidential elections.” 

The democrats have their own bill in the House which most likely has no chance of passing in the Senate because of their overreach to go after police officers in their legislation.

The bill, called the “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act“, undermines law enforcement and panders to the democrats leftist BLM supporters by proposing things like a publicized list of police officers involved in use of force incidents so that the BLM and others can target them, getting rid of some legal immunities of police officers and more.

So instead of trying to negotiate the Senate’s bill and get something passed, the democrats are going to submit a bill that will go nowhere even though an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll shows that almost all Americans support some fort of criminal justice changes.

Trump, who supports the GOP bill, tweeted it would be “great for both people of color and police” and hopes to sign it into law.

In a disgusting statement to CBS News Radio, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi answered a question about if the democrats and republicans could reach a compromise on the GOP legislation. She said, “So far, they were trying to get away with murder, actually – the murder of George Floyd.”

Sen. Tim Scott said that the democrat’s actions of blocking the bill will force Americans “to wait even longer for overdue police form. We’ll move on. People will forget about it. And you know what’s going to happen? Something bad. And we’ll be right back here talking about what should have been done … We could do something right now.”