The signs are everywhere that the democrats hate America. And the democrat politicians are using that hate to win elections in November. 

There are protests, riots, arson, police shootings, the occupation of an American city and democrats who are trying to get rid of the police and the laws they enforce. And that’s just what’s been going on lately. 

The democrats have never liked the founding of America or anything it stands for. 

That’s why they kneel when the national anthem is played and they support those who do. 

That’s why they choose the rights of illegal aliens over American citizens – even if those illegals are criminals. 

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That’s why their policy positions are about as anti-American as you can get no matter what the subject is. 

They ignore the constitution unless they find something in it, usually by accident, that supports their cause. 

They were offended by President Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” because they never thought America was great to begin with. They still don’t. 

Democrats are always talking about “fundamental change” because that is what their goal is. To re- make the country the way they want it to be. 

They think they have the public on their side. They don’t. They are a minority but they are loud and have the leftist media on their side so they appear to be a majority. 

They’ve just been successful at censorship, brainwashing students in schools and threatening dissenters to keep quiet. That makes their own voices sound the loudest but it doesn’t equal real large numbers of support for their crazy ideas. 

Lately, the preferred tools in their tool box are threats, intimidation and violence. 

Their progressive behavior has gotten much more dangerous lately. They don’t think they have to be decent people to fight what they feel is “indecency.” 

They will do what they need to do no matter what it takes. 

They are more brazen now, looting, committing arson and even killing people, including police officers. 

And going after Trump supporters is their favorite hobby. 

There have been more than 330 hate crimes against Trump supporters since Trump was elected even assaults against females and seniors. 

And we all know there are many many more than that. I had a run-in back in 2016 with a crazy liberal who tried to run me off the road for the crime of having a Trump sticker on my car bumper. 

But democrats don’t just hate Trump and their supporters. They hate America. 

The latest example of this is the arson that recently happened in California. Four homes in the Citrus Heights area were targeted because they were flying American flags. The flags were lit on fire at 3 am in the morning. At one residence, trees were also set on fire. 

Did these criminals care about the people inside and that they might kill a family who was sleeping? Nope. 

That’s how the democrats are now. Out of control. 

But who’s going to stop them? They rarely face any consequences for their crimes. 

Are people still trapped inside of CHAZ CHOP? Yep. No one is doing anything about the innocent people being held against their will. No one. 

The crazy criminal behavior of the democrats is also a warning to all Trump supporters and anyone who might feel patriotic towards their country. 

Don’t go public. Or else. 

Trump supporters are being intimidated into not wearing a Trump hat, not putting out Trump flags, or not doing anything else that might cause a leftist to freak out and commit violence against them. 

This is the state of today’s democrat party. They are so violent that their political opponents are afraid to put out a yard sign because they might be killed. 

And, of course, there is not one democrat politician calling out the violence. 

That’s because endorse it. They agree with it. They love it. They encourage, provoke, incite, condone and advocate for it. They think it’s going to help them win in November. 

So the democratic politicians send out their warriors to do their dirty work for them in the form of Antifa, BLM and other leftist groups. Their soldiers gather their forces, get their arms together and figure out their strategies of attack or defense. Victory through force is their current plan of action whether it’s intimidation or actual violence. 

Unlike warriors in the past, these leftists have a media to cover for their bad behavior and frame their arson, extortion and kidnapping as art festivals and poetry readings. 

Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao Zedong…they never had it as easy as the democrats do.