Do you notice that most of the people you see in CHAZ CHOP are white 20-year-olds? I’m pretty sure that they are not the ONLY people living there. 

There are reported to be 500 residences there, plus many businesses. So where are the families? The children? The dogs? The seniors? 

You pretty much don’t see anyone walking around the place except for the white 20-year-old domestic terrorists and the terrorist supporters. 20-year-olds don’t live in homes unless they’re with mommy and daddy. They also don’t own businesses. 

So I’m assuming that the middle-aged regular folk are holed up in their homes with their guns drawn since their government (the ones they pay taxes to) has allowed their community to be taken over by anarchist Bernie Bros., Antifa and BLM. 

I keep waiting for the media to do some hard hitting interviews with people on the inside who are being held against their will but they either don’t care about these people or the first amendment is not allowed in the CHAZ CHOP, not even for their CNN friends. 

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The leftist media has no stories about the false imprisonment going on, the extortion of the business owners or the fact that the residents who are trapped there have no constitutional or civil rights. 

The law-abiding people inside of CHAZ CHOP are expendable, it seems. The insurrection continues with no hope of a SEAL team coming in to save them. They are like Americans at the Benghazi embassy under a Obama/Clinton administration. They are on their own. 

The city politicians don’t care. The mayor doesn’t care. The governor doesn’t care. And where is Trump? The only one who seems concerned is the police chief, a black woman, and she hasn’t done anything either. 

I certainly hope that the middle-aged folks with families and dogs DO have guns to protect themselves because you know darn well that when the CHAZ CHOP kids get bored and need supplies, they’ll be going house to house to get what they want.