There’s one thing I’ve always liked about Charlie Daniels…He tells it like it is. And he always has an upbeat message, even when things are looking down.

That’s why when I saw this tweet of his, it really struck me and it stood out. I thought about passing it up and not sharing it, but then I thought, “no, he’s right…” so here we are.

With everything that’s been happening in the country, from impeachment until now it feels like one chaotic mess after another. Almost like you can’t catch your breath.

I keep waiting for that “break” for when things go back to normal and we have time to “brace” for the next Democrat turmoil. But things have changed, the chaos is coming fast

and furious, with no breaks in between.

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What we’re witnessing right now is the dying Democrats doing all they can to try and whip up something – anything – to help them win the White House in November. You see, they can’t lose this election. They just can’t. If they lose, their entire political party will be set back for decades because of the SCOTUS. But it’s not just that – they know that a Trump second term would mean “Trump unleashed.”  A president’s second term is always much more “no holds barred” and I think Trump is just salivating at the thought. A lot of Dems have done a lot of things wrong and he’d have much more leeway to go after them in a second term.

They know this. The stakes are high.

Really high.

So, that brings to me to Charlie’s tweet. It’s dark and dire, but it fits these times. We’ve gone from batting away the Dems earlier “political hits,” realizing now that they’re not only willing to go to war to hold power and save their hides, but it’s already started.

Here’s what Charlie said: “We’ll soon be forced to make a choice about the kind of America we want spineless politicians who flutter helplessly in whatever wind is blowing will take this nation to its knees And we who dont face truth are just as dangerous Lock and load America, the war is just beginning”

Mr. Daniles is right. Sadly, thanks to a weak GOP, we’re really on our own. It’s just us, Trump, and a few politicians with a backbone.

Lock and load, America, and pray for America and President Trump.


This piece was written by Missy Crane on June 24, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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