I try to watch as much Biden as I can just for the entertainment value. He always says something stupid, can’t remember history, forgets where he is or what he’s talking about. 

The fact that he’s the “last man standing,” an older white guy with a precarious history with issues concerning African Americans, shows that the democrats were never serious when they talked about having a diverse candidate. They didn’t end up voting for a gay or a black candidate. 

The DNC wants someone they can control. And I’m sure they will be able to control things in the White House if he wins – but that’s a steep hill they have to climb if Biden has to appear in public for the next five months. 

As Republicans, we’re supposed to be afraid of every Trump tweet and every press conference because who knows what he’s going to say. Sorry, I’m not. But the democrats should be afraid every time Biden goes out in public because it’s always a losing proposition. I’m pretty sure the Biden campaign and the DNC holds their breath every time Biden leaves his basement. 

Biden gave some remarks about Trump on Wednesday which included critiques of Trump’s leadership during the economic reopening under the pandemic. 

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Does Biden even know that the states have been the ones who have decided when and how they would re-open under their governors? Trump, constitutionally, not dictatorially, gave suggestions on how to do that through CDC guidelines. That’s the exact definition of leadership. 

Biden says that Trump has “surrendered the fight” and left the American people to face the threat on their own with no guidance, resources or leadership from the federal government. 

Yes, that’s what we’re all waiting for, Sleepy Joe (aptly named). I’m waiting for the federal government to tell me when to wake up in the morning, where to wear my mask, where I can go, when I can work and when I’m allowed to partake in my first amendment rights to go to church or protest the government for their abuse of power. I cannot function without them. Please, please, Sleepy Joe… tell me what I’m supposed to do!! 

Biden also said about Trump, “Don’t waste any more of our time.” 

I was thinking the same thing, Plugs (Rush Limbaugh’s name for Biden). Quit wasting my time on your uninspired, un-passionate speeches that you read from your teleprompter. You are not competent to give a speech about being president let alone be one. 

And what’s with the snore-fest? Did you just wake up from a nap? 

Seriously. Drink some caffeine or something. 

And Plugs, I’m at a loss. I just can’t figure out why the economy is still “sputtering” like you mentioned. I’m sure that the dishonest media and moral-lacking democrats had nothing to do with that. 

I’m sure the democrats haven’t kept their states in lockdown as long as possible to tank the economy. I’m sure that the democrats didn’t come up with the extra $600 a week so that the unemployed stayed home as long as possible. I’m sure that the democrats didn’t come up with a PPP scam that hasn’t 

actually helped many small businesses. I’m sure that the media hasn’t scared the entire country into staying home for their own political gain. 

Biden also explained that he wants a national contact tracing workforce of at least 100,000 folks to call people who test positive, track down their contacts and “get them into quarantine.” 

Get them into quarantine? How are you going to do that, Sleepy Joe? At gunpoint? Throw me in the back of a trailer? 

And let’s talk about who is currently doing REAL work. That would be the president. Whereas Biden is talking about working. And not very well at that. He makes fun of the president for being in a bunker which would have been because of orders from the Secret Service. Guess where the bunker is? In the White House where Trump is working. Not in the basement of a mansion where a frail old man is hiding from everyone. 

We’re supposed to be confident that a man who is afraid to go out in public can lead our country? Don’t think so.