While President Trump is busy doing everything he can to stop the rioting and protect innocent Americans and businesses, staff from the Joe Biden campaign are donating money to bail rioters out of jail. 

I know you are not really surprised by this. It’s who democrats are. They are always on the wrong side of every issue, pretending to care about people, but they are mostly really despicable people when you look at what they believe in and what they do for “the party.” 

The regular folk who are conned by them, and who account for some of my friends and family, have no idea how evil their party is or how much they are lied to and conned on a daily basis. And even when the democrats screw up big time, these regular folks still defend them, saying that their intentions were good. 

No they weren’t. No they aren’t. They never are. 

Sometimes the democrats show their true colors though – right out in public. This has happened a lot more than it used to with Trump as president and their fake outrage at everything he does and says. 

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The democrats feel they are free to “come out of the closet” and act as their true selves which often ends up showing a vile person. 

Case in point: Biden’s staff members. More than a dozen Biden campaign employees have donated money to a group called the Minnesota Freedom Fund which posts bail for individuals arrested throughout Minneapolis. And these staff members have freely admitted to doing this on their Twitter feed, showing what wonderfully “woke” people they are, helping the rioters who have been jailed recently. 

In their Twitter posts, Biden’s campaign staff called attention to U.S. inequities based on income and race. 

“It is up to everyone to fight injustice,” said Colleen May, who identified herself as an campaign organizer for Biden in South Carolina, Wisconsin and Florida, said in a Twitter post that included an image of her receipt from donating $50 to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. 

Biden staff was following what celebrities like Seth Rogen were already doing. Bailing out criminals seems to be the popular thing to do if you are a woke democrat. Why? Because if Trump is anti-rioter, then you have to be pro-rioter. 

Instead of giving donations to Floyd’s family or an African-American organization in the city, they are helping to bond out criminals who might have assaulted a police officer or set a black-owned business on fire. Makes sense. 

Responding to Reuters about these Biden staffers, the Trump 2020 Campaign said it was “disturbing” that Biden’s staff “would financially support the mayhem that is hurting innocent people and destroying what good people spent their lives building.”