Trump was elected for several reasons, one of the most important reasons was that he was pro-America and that was refreshing after suffering through an anti-American president for eight years and looking at another democratic candidate who wasn’t any different. 

Trump believes in America. Always has. He loves America. Always has. He doesn’t apologize for us or bow down to anyone. 

Trump saw, like we did, that things were getting out of control because of the democrats. 

Hence the “Make America Great Again” slogan. 

We could relate. 

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Everything Obama and his corrupt friends stood for was anti-American and we were sick of it. 

So when John Bolton comes out with his comic book, talking about how Trump doesn’t have any guiding principles…. 


Trump has the same principles that I do. 

Loving America and wanting to keep her prosperous and safe. 

Know how you do that? 

You help the veterans. 

You rebuild the military. 

You get better trade deals. 

You keep illegal aliens out of the country. 

You cut taxes and regulations so that ALL Americans have the opportunity for economic prosperity. 

The list is long. Trump supporters know the list by heart – which is why none of us are deserting him or the country. 

And spare me the “unfit” and “incompetent” language. 

Trump has done the job. 

If he WASN’T doing the job, the never-Trumpers, democrats and leftist media wouldn’t hate him so much. 

If you want to see incompetence, look in the mirror, John. 

Trump’s never been fired. And he won’t be in November either.