Protestors in Lansing, Michigan leveled their firearms at an unsuspecting motorcyclist who tried to drive down a street they said was closed. The group calling themselves the ‘Free People of Lansing’ and led by Paul Birdsong according to a video posted on Facebook by Geoph Aldora Espen, stop a man on a motorcycle with the clear threat of force. As they aim their guns at him, they tell him he is not allowed to continue on the street.

The first armed confrontation occurred on Wednesday at the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Foster Street in the heart of Lansing according to the Facebook video.

Birdsong, who has been leading daily protests in Michigan’s capital city since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis is seen on a bullhorn confronting the driver, while at least two others in the video level their firearms at the man. The man questions why the street is blocked while Birdsong and others accuse him of threatening the them by revving his engine. This argument takes place while one of the armed men clicks off his safety.

The man on the motorcycle points out that they are threatening him and they stand their ground.

During the entire confrontation, there are numerous Lansing Police Department cruisers and officers watching in plain sight.

A short time later the same group and the same armed Black Lives Matter protestors threaten another man behind the wheel of a car. Once again Lansing police are nearby and once again the cops turn a blind eye to the felonious behavior. The man in the car is so concerned he raises his arms. He too was stopped with the threat of deadly force for driving on a public street.

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Were the police in Lansing told not to intervene, even if they say illegal and potentially deadly behavior from protestors in the streets?

There is no question that pointing loaded firearms at the motorists and threatening them for legally using a public street blocked by the protestors is clearly breaking the law. The short list of felonies would include felonious assault using a firearm, brandishing a firearm, menacing and making threats of serious bodily harm.

The police were sitting just down the block during the first confrontation as the camera pans over to them and the protestors laugh at the man on the motorcycle and tell him to complain to the cops. It’s clear the police are not interested in getting involved.

What would they say if the man on the motorcycle was shot by the protestors? Is this what people in Michigan should expect in Lansing?

This really is a disgrace and an embarrassment to everyone in charge.

After several long tense moments each time, the protestors continued their march, calling for the mayor of Lansing, Andy Schor to resign and for defunding the police department. Based on the complete lack of response to the armed takeover of city streets by protestors, it seems defunding the police may not be a bad idea after all. So far Mayor Schor has given in to the protestors and promised to cut at least $170,000 from the police budget.

Former Lansing Mayor Virgil Bernero says Democrats allowing this kind of illegal behavior to continue are helping President Trump. “I am not saying it will get him re-elected but it sure helps him,” Bernero said on Friday. Asked if he would was still mayor if he would let rioters destroy the city like we have seen in Minneapolis and elsewhere in recent weeks, Bernero, a staunch Democrat, said absolutely not.

It’s too bad more Democrats aren’t willing to defend the cities they were elected to protect.

However, the voters will certainly weigh in on the question of defunding the police and armed protestors taking over the streets. I am quite sure those on the left will not like the outcome. Not only will the police not be defunded but the vast majority of voters are going to pull the lever for law and order.

I agree with Bernero this kind of behavior will certainly boost the re-election prospects for President Trump.

You can watch the entire video of the protest in Lansing here.